My 1st YouTube Video: Angular.JS Directives Demo

So, my wife has been encouraging me to get this starting over the past 4 years or so. I was more busy with offline groups at first, followed by traveling to work in different countries, and then later all sorts of new stuff I wanted to learn around .NET, software craft in general, and web development and trends. At last, I started, and uploaded my first YouTube video.

The Video

To make sure I actually get to the point where I have something to upload, I used the Minimum Viable Product approach. I looked for a simple topic that I still think you guys might be interested in, I spent some time on editing the video but still didn’t wait till I’m 100% happy about the quality (particularly of my own voice) before publishing. The idea is that if I continue to do this I might be able to get more out soon and practice will naturally increase the quality. Was that the right way to do it? Only your feedback can tell!

Simple Angular.JS Demo: Using HTML Directives Even Without JavaScript Controllers

Now It’s Up To You!

As you may expect, I’m really looking forwards to all sorts of feedback on this video. Let me know whether you liked it, and what would you’d like to see in future videos. If there is any question, problem, or idea that you’d be interested in seeing me talk about it, please let me know.

Thanks a lot.

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