On the arrival of Mr. Adam Meligy

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Today (technically yesterday, since it’s 3:26 AM already while I’m starting this), Mr. Adam Mohamed Meligy finally arrived home, after staying 9.5 days in nursery. This –dear audience- given Mr. Adam arrived to our world only in October 5, 2009, a date that the entire world will (sooner or later) always remember!

Mr. Adam is now taking a personal cover, pretending to be a normal baby, while he is pretty professional, he cannot sometimes hide his special natures, being relatively quiet compared to normal babies, and highly responsive to touches and (believe it or not) spoken notes/requests.

These are things that the world will remember once Mr. Adam finishes his first big achievement in the field he will take up for living (God Willing). Some other small details matter more to the family, both his grandparents –for example- note him as their first grandchild. I –personally- recognize him as my extra chance in life! If I fail to manage to be another Anders Hejlsberg/Martin Fowler, Scott Guthrie/Brad Abrams, or Scott Hanselman/Rob Conery/Phil Haack (still trying), Mr. Adam has a bigger chance; else wise, he’ll be digging his road as a notable figure in some different field (God Willing).

I feel that I was blessed with not just two more legs and hands, one more tongue and a couple of stronger eyes, extra more years to live, but also with an extra brain and superpowers. You can always upgrade your thinking methodologies, even reinvent the way you think completely, but you are always limited to your physical brain constraints that -although can be always stretched more and more- have their limits. Now I have an extra brain that can do pair thinking with me and reinvent the way things happen by the experiences he will be having on his own (God Willing).

So, this is to log that Mr. Adam (temporarily until he decides to replace that with “Eng.”, “Dr.”, and/or “Prof.”) has just finished implementing phase zero,  coming to existence!

Few More Facts About Mr. Adam’s Arrival

  • The exact time of arrival to world is October 5, 2009, 10:30 AM Abu Dhabi Time, that’s 8:30 AM Cairo Local Time (CLT), 6:30 GMT.
  • Although born in Kornesh Hospital, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Mr. Adam holds the Egyptian nationality, just like his parents. He also inherits the Islam religion, which he will be (God Willing) discussed about as soon as starts making conversations, so that he practices it for the sake of belief, not inheritance!
  • Mr. Adam reached our world after hiding in a secret cafe for slightly less than 35 weeks, reaching our world at the weight of 2.25 Kg.
  • Mr. Adam has his email, Facebook and twitter accounts created on the day of arrival and moderated by parents. Soon (God Willing) he will be running those himself, and creating his own LinkedIn account on his own once he finishes his first school and starts a professional expert career simultaneously.
  • Mr. Adam has come with the message to make the world a a better place to live for humans, not to dominate the entire world ;-).
  • Since arrival, the protocol requires using the prefix “Mr.” when mentioning Mr. Adam’s name in conversations. Only tweets/categories, etc… are allowed exceptions due to technical/official nature. This prefix is temporary as per the relevant note above.

On behalf of the family, I congratulate the world on having Mr. Adam with us. I’ll be following up with his significant news until he starts blogging (hopefully soon, God Willing).

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    Rabena yebareklak feeh we teshofo geek kebeer keda we 3ala ayamo 7aykoono e7’tra3o 7agat gedeeda e7na manefhamsh feeha ya 7ag Meligy, we ye2olo 3aleena mota7’alefeen 7adareyan :D

    Alf Mabrook for you and your family, and I wish I could be there to be the first to congratulate you :)

  • Peace be upon you

    He is so cute, GOD bless him,

    I think it is better to call him Prof, just to fire up his enthusiasm.

    GOD bless you, just work on “teach him the choices and let him choose”

    GOD bless your family.

    I wish that Hamza (My son) and Mr.Adam (Your Son) :D become a good friends. :)

  • http://

    Congratulations Mr. Mohamed (Mr. Meligy Sr.) on the arrival of Mr. Adam (Mr. Meligy Jr.) :)

    Also, I’d like to congratule Mr. Adam for having such intellectual & funny father too :) I wish you both good luck.

    I’d like to say that idea is very deep and I see that you managed to write it in very funny & focused way. Many fathers, and I’m one of them, have the same hope & vision inside but I’m happy to see it expressed & crafted in that way.

    Note: The funniest typo I ever saw…. “•Mr. Adam reached our world after hiding in a secret _CAFE_ for slightly less than 35 weeks” … What a boy! it seems his secret cave had a secret exit too .. he started hanging out too early :D

    Mash’ Allah w Allah Yebarklak Feeh

  • Alf Mabrook ya abo Mr. Adam :D yetraba fe 3ezak :D

  • Google Mabrouk Ya Mohamed Ya Meligy Ya Gameel Ya Gameed, Rabena Yebarkoh Wa Yetraba Fe Codeac (Your Coding Experince).
    **Ps. 3alemoh Azy Ye3mel Debug LL3yal El Garbage (disopse them from his life as soon as He test their Mannars), and keep the good ONEs Like you.

  • ma sha allah, these are the attributes we like in a class. enshallah he will Inherit all the good properties and methods, and overrides the others with better ones! let it be for the best of the application :P

    shakart Alwaheb, o baraka laka belmawhoob, o bala3’a ashoddaho, wa rozeqta berraho. ameen :)

  • I came across your article, i think your blog is awsome, keep working !

  • sts

    I want to start blogging too and what do you think, which blog cms is good for noob?

  • Do you have an rss feed? I couldn’t find it. Sorry, but I am blonde ;)