NodeJS On Windows – Choosing Components To Install

In case you didn’t know, NodeJS v0.10.0 has been recently released, a number of interesting changes were mentioned in the blog post, mainly around making some core APIs easier to use, which required several in changes in the codebase to support, and caused some interesting performance characteristics changes .

I couldn’t wait, so, I looked for the Windows x64 installer, downloaded and ran that, the usual Next .. Next .. installer, well, until I saw this installer step:

Node JS Custom Setup Step

Although I can’t think of a scenario where I’d deselect any of these, just the fact that I could clearly see and choose what Node installer will do was great. I have an interest in the NPM part installation behaviour you know, this screen gets me pretty close to more understanding and utilization of this understanding, which I may blog about later.

Great job, Node team :-).

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