Hey, Readify is hiring all across Australia, from all over the world!

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Readify, the great consulting company where I work now, is hiring for Senior Developer (Consultant) and Senior Consultant positions all across Australia, and sponsors work visa for accepted international applications. You can apply here: http://bit.ly/readify-openings.

You can also just sit down and write an introductory letter about yourself why you think you may be a good fit for Readify, attach your resume, and send it TO careers@readify.net CC mohamed.meligy@readify.net (and I’ll ensure it’s processed, even though this normally not much needed).

And it’s all still current!

If you come here thinking “This must be outdated”. Don’t worry, Readify is always expanding and hence is always hiring too.

Except after this post was originally written, Readify was honoured several other awards as well:

Microsoft Worldwide Software Development Partner of the Year 2012

Microsoft Australian ISV Software Development Partner of the Year 2012

Microsoft Australian Software App Partner of the Year 2012

BRW Best Places to Work 2010, 2011 & 2012

Working at Readify, what’s it’s like


Through blog, twitter stream, and more, you probably saw me talk about how awesome it is to work here at Readify. Being in the same company with Tatham Oddie (the creator of WebformsMVC and tons of other things, and frequent speaker in MIX and other events), Richard Banks (the father of ALT.NET Sydney, and great Agile master), Krzysztof Kozmic (the Castle Windsor guy), Philip Laureano (the creator of LinFu dynamic proxy, used by default in NHibernate),, and .. the list is so long actually, and I have missed most of them…


Not just that, through my work at Readify, I have had the chance to play with a lot of technologies and frameworks. Windows Azure, OData, WebformsMVP, Windsor, Autofac, SQL Server 2008 R2, ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, jQuery UI, knockoutJS, HTML 5, CSS3, and have all sorts of geeky conversations about the newest hypes like Windows 8 and VS 11.

Note that some other technologies people use here include WCF, WPF, Windows Phone, and more…)



Readify is a consulting company. Working as a consultant is nice in that you always go to new customers and work with different projects all the time. It’s very unlikely that you stay at the same customer for more than 6-12 months, and it’s not so rare to have 4-12 weeks customer engagements.

If you like what you see, and want to be part of it, then I have some good news for you.

Want to know more?

Check out the official top 10 reasons why it’s awesome to work at Readify.

Readify is hiring, what, where, and how?

One of the nice things about Readify is rapid growth. Since Readify started, it has always been hiring and expanding in size (more than double sometimes) every year. This is a scary thing if it happens once or twice, but if happens every year, this is sure a great indicator.


All across Australia, accepting overseas candidates

So, it’s 2012, and Readify is hiring for the (still?) new year. in brief, we need Senior Developers (consultants), and Senior Consultants (like team leaders), to work for Readify in our various branches in different states across Australia.

You don’t have to be located in in Australia already to join Readify though (but happy to be). We actually are 4 Egyptians here distributed across Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth and expecting more to join soon.

See update 4 for information about different states to choose


How to apply

Just go ahead to:



First thing you’ll want to check what it means to be a Senior Developer or Senior Consultant at Readify, what the responsibilities are like, and what Readify expects from the candidates applying for each of these positions to decide which is best fit for you, and maybe navigate a bit across the website as a whole (http://readify.net) to learn more about the company as a whole.


Once you do that and feel comfortable, send an email to the recruitment address (careers@readify.net) or use the online application in the selected position page.

Feel more than free to quote this post in your application, CC me and/or mention this post as your reference (such a pleasure, thanks!), or just send it normally (it’s the same from the process point of view).


I also highly recommend you check the recruitment process page, to know what expect after you apply:


As you probably guessed, you don’t have to mention this post in your application, but I’ll sure be more than happy fi you do!

Update 1: Can you CC me?

As some people asked, yes, it’s OK to CC in your application email to Readify. I will “not” make any difference to your application as Readify recruitment process is already optimized and begins pretty quick, but I wouldn’t at all mind if you CC me.

Actually, you “CAN” even CC my Readify email if you want: mohamed.meligy@readify.net.


Update 2: What about the visa for international candidates?

Another FAQ I have been getting is “what about the visa?”. Readify sponsors a 4 years temporary business visa for accepted overseas candidates and their family (partner, kinds), and provides lawyers to assist you in lodging and following up the visa application.

The final offer is obviously conditional based on the government approval of the visa.


Update 3: What if I fail? Or Can you review my resume first? etc.…

OK, first, Readify is trying to maintain a standard of hiring only top 5% of the world developers. You need to decide first whether this is a challenge you want to take.


Your CV won’t make a big difference as long as it doesn’t look horrible or unrelated to position. In most cases you’ll get back a coding puzzle to solve (and return Visual Studio solution), After that there is an HR interview (very friendly one), and then a technical interview and debugging test (given a problem in Visual Studio while the interviewer watches your screen online to see how you approach the problem s/he gives you, which is more important than the solution itself). The rest is more of an administration stuff really and people are unlikely to fail at.


But most importantly, if you fail at any step, you get back a nice feedback about which areas you need to improve to meet Readify’s (high) standards. It’s also all OK to work on those areas and re-apply after a year or even few months (going through all process again).


Update 4: What’s the difference between cities / states to live in?

The most common cities are Sydney, Melbourne (has the Readify head office), Perth, and Brisbane. Each of them has some benefit. Most Egyptians only heard of Sydney, Melbourne has a nice cultural nature (including Muslim university, various cultural places & events), Perth is “very” fast growing business city, moving quickly from a small city style to a mix of the good in both, and Brisbane is known to be a very beautiful city in general. I only live in Sydney, which is getting crowded now to be honest. I think for Egyptians maybe Perth and Melbourne are the best choices, while I pretty like Sydney and hope to visit Brisbane still,

You don’t have to decide now though. If you get accepted in first or second step, google those cities, see pictures and comparisons and decide which is best for you.

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