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Hello there,
This is a quick newsletter this time, just to give you something before ng-conf. No one knows how the next one will be influenced by it.

I will be spending several hours watching videos and stuff to see highlights for next issue.

For now, let’s see what we have…



ng-conf Submissions

ng-conf used an interesting way to choose speakers and sessions. They set up a Github repository and speakers went ahead and created issues and pull requests for their submissions.

This newsletter is a good place for exclusives and semi-secrets. I have been following this Github repository for a while for inspiration of what topics to talk / write about for AngularJS.

There are many topics that maybe are not fit for for ng-conf agenda, but can be good topics for a blog post, a YouTube video, a small book, a Udemy or Pluralsight course, etc.

ng-conf Schedule

For the really lazy, plus it’s surprising how much content there is going to be there. I was like “WHAAAT? ALL OF THAT?”…

Angular 2.0

Victor Savkin’s blog

Victor is a member of the Angular team (although he used to work on Angular Dart). He started blogging about Angular 2.0 and already has some interesting posts to check out:

He also goes into interesting areas, like building Angular applications using the Flux architecture (that’s the architecture that is recommended for reactJS development).

Video: Angular 2 Preparation – Part 1 – Code Structure Comparison

A video by a guy who is also a speaker at ng-conf. He is hilarious, overly too hillarious that it doesn’t really match my taste, but his Angular 2. video has a interesting hihglight: actually looking up the public Github repositories for checking what Angular 2.0 doesn’t need you to be a JS guru or so.

The highlight is from the dependency injection bit in the video. If you have 7 minutes to waste, it’s not that bad :P (or else wouldn’t have added it here).

What’s New in AngularJS 2.0

OK, about this one, here’s the thing. It’s not the best place to get a sense of what Angular 2.0 code is going to look like. You are better off with videos and blog posts in various earlier issues of this newsletter like the todo one from Issue 8

BUT .. It’s a good listing of all the feature areas in Angular 2.0. So, if you are after a comprehensive list of features and highlights, this is a really good one.

Angular 1.x

$ngCookies to support passing path & domain

It only took 2 years and 2 months, but AngularJS is finally getting a built-in cookie provider that’s actually useful! I talked about other alternatives in Issue 7 of the newsletter.

The commit is in master branch, used for Angular 1.4. I don’t see it in changelog for 1.4 beta 5 yet. It should be in the next release (whether it will be beta or not) likely to be announced in ng-conf.

Ionic Framework

Ionic is a framework that uses AngularJS and Phonegap to build HTML-based mobile applications. It provides great tooling for performance and mobile-focused UI, etc. It’s pretty much the go-to framework for mobile development with AngularJS.

Mastering the Ionic Framework Tutorial

A good step-by-step tutorial for learning Ionic for those who haven’t tried it before. It is a good written tutorial (it also offers a video version you can check if you want more guided version).


Passing Data to Angular from ASP​.NET MVC Views

There is a single idea to take from here. You can have the data ready from your controller in the same page and just pass it to Angular. You don’t have to have another service if the data can be known at the time of the page load already. Later interactions can still depend on other REST services.

I have used similar approach in many AngularJS apps that I developed (where Angular was used for reach UI rather than single-page app), and it was always very useful.

Love & Hate

Is AngularJS ready for the enterprise?

I wasn’t sure whether I should include this in the newsletter. I mean .. really .. we don’t need more “Is Angular relevant?” questions, but the article itself isn’t too bad, and might make a good snack read or skim or whatever.

HTML5 & Web Components

Web Components is a term that refers to several new HTML non-finalized standards that add allow things like built-in template language, and completely independent pieces of HTML (shadow DOM) and more. I talked about it earlier in Issue 7 in a section with the same name as this section.

Video: Introduction To Web Components And Polymer Project

This is an introductory session (40 minutes) I gave this year about Web Components in general, and about Polymer, a Google project that builds on top of the standards and provide a great framework to build independent widgets with them with data-binding and more.


ASP​.NET 5 (vNext)

Top 10 Changes in ASP​.NET 5 and MVC 6

A very good summary on what to expect just to get a sense of how things are changing in Microsoft space.

There’s also another very good summary from Microsoft’s VP who created the first version of ASP​.NET MVC framework, Introducing ASP​.NET 5.

Understanding .NET 2015

The previous pick was a summary with code samples, specific to ASP​.NET. This one is the whole big picture with all different bits.

For example, you might have heard about the new compiler, Roslyn, do you know htat there other 2 new compiler shipping in the next version of .NET? Are you sure you really know what the new .NET Core thing is? This article answers those kinds of questions pretty well.

(And I realize this last paragraph sounded like a link-bait, yuk! – Sorry!)

Domain Driven Design (DDD)

Why do all my DDD apps look the same? – Slides & Video

This one seems to be an interesting take on how DDD sometimes goes wrong when you try to do it right. I have checked the slides -pretty inspiring- and the video is on my list (maybe not soon with ng-conf here).

I personally silly they require you to sign up for the video now. If my memory didn’t fail me this is a relatively new requirement. I have watched a lot of Skills Matter videos before and it’s usually very good (and often advanced) content though.

Developer Tools / Editors / IDEs

Visual Studio

– Using jspm with Visual Studio 2015 and ASP.NET 5

JSPM is a package manager for SystemJS. SystemJS identifies itself as “Universal dynamic module loader – loads ES6 modules, AMD, CommonJS and global scripts in the browser and NodeJS”. Why you might hear about such a thing?

Well, SPA frameworks of course, and ES 6. I talked about Aurelia in Issue 8, and if you watched the video, the author of the framework really likes SystemJS.

It also seems Angular 2.0 although will not embrace it officially (I guess), the push it will make to writing code in ES6 will raise the need for a framework that can play well with existing package styles and ES6 modules.

So, it’s a bit futuristic. Visual Studio 2015 is not final yet, but if you want a peak of more likely future trends, give that post a quick skim.

Sublime Text

– Themr & Schemr

If you use Sublime Text, and you get bored as quick as I do, you probably also change themes and colour schemes quite often. Those 2 Sublime Text plugins make the perience much easier by allowing to visually switch between themes and between colour schemes, with preview and very nice UI.

You can find Sublime Text themes everywhere. Here’s one list I found last week.


I read that quote and thought, this is exactly the message I want to tell all of you, ladies and gentleman:

reminder– you might feel like you’re imposing by asking someone if they’ll mentor you but more likely you’re making them feel honored (source)

I’m happy to help you with any issue you have related to ASP​.NET, AngularJS, or JavaScript. Just email me / reach out.

Apart from that. I’m still making small changes to the newsletter in every issue, and hoping to get feedback from you whether it’s going where you’d like to continue going. I’ll be back after ng-conf, not sure with what yet.

Stay tuned, and yes, please let your friends know about the newsletter.

See you,

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