How to export settings from Visual Studio 2010 to Visual Studio 2008

This is particularly helpful when you want to copy colour settings / Visual Studio theme from one machine to another or across different versions of VS you have (say at your laptop and some customer’s PC)

Simply get the VS2010 import file, right click, open with, choose a program, and pick any simple editor, say Notepad


Yeah, you got it, what you need is to change:

    <ApplicationIdentity version="10.0"/>


    <ApplicationIdentity version="9.0"/>

Now you can use that in VS2008 Without any problem…

Dark Visual Studio W/ Resharper – My VS Settings (Colors, Windows Layout, …) – V2


I blogged my old Visual Studio settings before for Visual Studio 2005, using a dark color theme and optimizing it for Resharper features like Resharper colorings and “Current Line Highlight”.

Today I’m sharing with you my settings for VS 2008. Things have changed a bit since the first time, so, you’ll find the layout different and colors as well, although still dark as well.

The one thing to notice is using “Lucida Console” font instead of the popular “Consolas”. Also, if things look a bit small to you, this is because I’m using “Lucida Console” with size 9, and my entire Windows OS layout is using “Arial Unicode MS” font with size “7”. It’s killing for someone with sight shortage, but you never get enough of a 15 inch laptop screen, even if wide one!

By the way, the version of Resharper used with VS 2008 is the latest of the nightly builds of Resharper 4. The best thing I like about it besides supporting C# 3.0 of course is the performance improvements. Now “Solution Wide Analysis” is off by default and I still get most of the features I need of Resharper. Maybe This is the reason for the massive performance increase or whatever the reason, it’s just nice.

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You can download my settings right here:

File iconVS_Dark_Colors-W-Resharper-20080522.vssettings


By the way, if you are interested in how my old VS settings looked like, check this: