Small Tip for Outlook: Prevent Duplicate Emails Created By Many Rules

I noticed that sometimes when I create more than one Rule in Outlook for forwarding emails to specific folders, it happens to get one message to match the conditions of more than one rule, and I end up getting two or more copies of the same message (Reading one copy does not mark the others as read).

This is easy to fix…


we need to choose the filter with most accurate filter and …


Click “Next” to go second window in the editing wizard (Note: it’ll will still read Section 1, “Section 1  “Step 1: Select action(s)”)


Check “Stop processing ore rules”, and click “Finish”.


Note: Make sure you make the rule go up in the list to have higher priority:


Open Two Exchange Accounts At The Same Time In Outlook 2010 or 2013

I just noticed this now, and it’s really GREAT.

In previous versions of Outlook, you could add multiple Exchange accounts, but it’d create different “Profile” for each of them. When you open Outlook it would force you to choose only one profile to start with., An Outlook Mail Profile could handle any number of email accounts (HTTP, POP3, …) but only one Exchange account.

Now with Outlook 2010, you can add multiple Exchange accounts also and use them at the same time.

Two Things To Note

This works great and it has no special catches at all, except:

If you are upgrading from Outlook 2007 and you have two or more Exchange accounts, Outlook 2010 will NOT merge them together

If you think about it, it sort of makes sense. Each account already sits in its own profile. There is no way that Outlook 2010 will know whether you wanted to separate the two profiles intentionally or not.

You need to add the other exchange accounts from outside outlook

You need to close Outlook and add the other Exchange account from outside it. Otherwise you’ll get this message:


Here’s What You Need:

In Control Panel, you’ll find the “Mail” item added by Outlook:


You click it and get:


You can either click “Email Accounts” to add the other Exchange account to the last profile you have in Outlook, or click “Show Profiles” to choose which profile to add the account to (probably you’ll delete the other profile after that).


Assuming we’ll add the new account to the “Outlook” profile (second in the list, oldest). We may want to select “Always use this profile” now or 1after we finish because all our accounts will be in that profile.

Now select the “Outlook” profile and click “Properties”.


This screen is very similar to the very first one. Click “Email Accounts”.


Click “New”


Choose “Manually configure….” and click “Next” (will be active once you choose Manually).


Choose “Microsoft Exchange or compatible service”, and click “Next”


This is the normal window you know for adding Exchange account. Complete it just as you did in previous Exchange accounts. finish the wizard and close all windows, then start Outlook :)

How it’s like

Of course I was wondering how it may look like to have two Exchange accounts or more in outlook, here are some examples:

Mail Folders:


Address Book




The account names are in gray which is not clear on the light blue background.

New Email


I noted that the signature used for the first account was also when switched to the second account, good.


This is where I knew about this feature:!11F428A40ABF47AC!3669.entry&hl=pl&ie=UTF8&sl=pl&tl=en

Thanks a  lot. This feature came just in time when I needed it. Great!

Update: Another Tip: Open In New Window

If you have many folders under each Exchange account or the two are totally unrelated accounts, you “may” want to have separate views of each. You can right click the root mail folder and choose “Open in New Window” to have two Outlook windows.


In each windows you expand the account you want and collapse the other..