How to Change Your Firefox Search Provider to Microsoft Bing

  1. Go to ( Update: This is the only official provider made by Microsoft itself)
    This is the URL I originally posted (from which the below screenshots come): – Of course you are recommended to go to the official URL above.
  2. Check “Let me install this experimental add-on” and click “Add to FireFox”
    Now the add-in is there.
  3. In the search bar, click the little triangle at the left and choose Bing.
  4. In your browser it may not the first item nor bold as in the pic here. Click “Manage Search Engines…”.
  5. Click “Move Up” to have it the first item
  6. If you have Google Toolbar, you need to check more settings:
  1. Go to Google Settings. In the “Layout” tab, make sure to choose “Classic Toolbar Layout”. Save that.
    image image
  2. In Firefox address bar, type:
    without “http://” or anything, and click the button that appears then.
  3. In the “Filter” field type: “”
  4. Double click the only result that will show, you get a message box where you should  enter text. Replace the existing text “Google” with “Bing” instead, and click OK.
  5. Close the window. Your default provider is set.

Have fun :-)


Quick Hint: is Live (Microsoft New Search/Decision Engine)

If you are not on Twitter, let me spread this by @bing:

Ladies and Gentlemen, is live. :) (rollouts will continue however to partners and other mkts, more to come) ^betsy

Bing, if you don’t know, is Microsoft’s new search engine, also known as “Decision Engine” since it has features that help answer what you are wondering about rather than just display links.

For those wondering about Live Search. I think I read somewhere that both search engines will remain there for a while, then Live will be brought out to Bing. Nothing to confirm yet though. In Bing homepage you read “Live Search is Evolving. Welcome to Bing”.


For quick video of what Bing can give to you, check this.

For an official introduction about what Bing is, check this.