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Allow me to quote here some emails I sent to the the Dot NET developers group in my company, Injazat, or, as we call ourselves, Ninjazat. I thought it’ll be useful to share some with you as well.

·         ASP.NET MVC – 20 Hours of FREE Video Tutorials

·         LINQ FAQ

o   LINQ FAQ for Newbie’s

o   LINQ FAQ Part 2

·         How we handle application configuration

·         ScottGu ASPNETMVC Session Video Available Now (Part 1/2 & 2/2)

·         Web Validation: Best Practices and Tutorials

·         Building a Single Sign On Provider Using ASPNET and WCF

o   Part 1

o   Part 2

o   Part 3

·         NxtGenUG Cambridge: Creating extendable applications using MEF slides and code

·         Dynamic Languages and .NET – Developer Day Scotland slides and code samples

·         patterns & practices: Data Access Guidance (VS 2010 Stuff)

·         Refactoring challenge

o   Part 1 – Examination

o   Part 2 – Preparation

·         LINQ is not LINQ To SQL

·         Visual Studio Programmer Themes Gallery

·         Connecting to Mailbox on Gmail and Fetching List of Emails using POP3 and ASP.NET

·         Optimize your page for UpdatePanel

·         CMS in the .NET World

·         Getting jQuery Goodness into ASP.NET AJAX – Take II

·         What to do when SELECT query is Running Slowly?


As usual most of them coming from my Google Reader Shared Items http://www.google.com/reader/shared/08221036579558509505

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ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit ModalPopupExtender Control in Action


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[jQuery] Animate Image Filling Up Using jQuery

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dotNETwork CodeCamp ‘09: Framework Design Guidelines & Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) Slides Available

First off, thank you all so much who have attended the very special gathering of dotNETwork user group, Code Camp ‘09, that took place in the British University in Cairo (BUE) during last Thursday and Friday. This has been one of the biggest events I have been talking in, and that was a great honor.

You can find the slides for the sessions I have been giving below:

Framework Design Guidelines

Download (PPTX File):

Managed Extensibility Framework(MEF)

Download (PPTX File):

(Note: Links to the source code are in the last slide)

Notes On The Event

The speakers and dotNETwork Team

The event went with a similar theme to Microsoft Middle east Developer’s Conference, MDC, which became Egyptian Developers Conference, EDC, which used to take place annually in the beginning of February, but, is yet to happen this year. I’m not sure whether I should be happy or sad for the fact that many attendees came to the event thinking it’s organized by Microsoft as another replacement to MDC/EDC. To make this clear, Code Camp is organized by an independent user group of 11 organizers, known as dotNETwork group (I mentioned a lot in my blog), and was sponsored by Microsoft Egypt, and number of international companies (sponsoring foreign speakers transportation), and the British University in Egypt (BUE, hosting the event). All speakers (foreigners and Egyptians) are volunteers.

Within tow days, with over 300 attendees, and over 10 speakers from both Egypt and world wide, and a great variety in topics, dotNETwork has excelled to make this a GREAT experience for everybody. This is one of the best events I have attended ever in general, which  compares with great improvement to the other best events/sessions I have ever attended/delivered: MDC 2005 (if you skip the Bill Gates pat!) and SilverKey Demo Day II.

Thank you very much dotNETwork and great attendance for the true nice time!

PS. I have notes from the other sessions I have been to as an attendee not as a speaker. Those will be available by the ened of the week or beginning next week (God Willing). Hopefully this time I’ll make it in schedule.

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