Fix Your Computer Time – Hotfix For Egypt TimeSaving أصلح ساعة جهازك–حل مشكلة التوقيت الصيفي في ويندوز

Egypt has finally cancelled the Time Saving setting, however, computers and other devices still think it should take place from the last Friday in April. Microsoft has released a hotfix for Windows to solve this problem

قامت مصر أخيرا بإلغاء التوقيت الصيفي، لكن ساعة الكمبيوتر و أجهزة أخرى مازالت مضبوطة على أن التوقيت الصيفي يبدأ في أخر جمعة في شهر أبريل. مايكروسوفت أصدرت ملف إصلاح لنظام ويندوز لحل هذه المشكلة.


You can download the hotix from:

يمكنك تحميل ملف التصليح من

Steps To Apply Fix:

خطوات تشغيل ملف الإصلاح




In the next page, scroll down till the part in picture

فس الصفحة التالية. أنزل بالفأرة حتى الجزء المبين في الصورة


If you don’t know your platform, go to C: drive, if you have “Program Files” folder and “Program Files(x86)” folder then your platform is x64 (yes, x64 not x86). If you have only “Program Files” folder, then your platform is x86 (default).

إذا كنت لا تعرف خيار 64 بت x64 أم 32 بت x86 ادخل على جهاز الكمبيوتر، الدرايف أو القرص الصلب C .. إذا وجدت فولدر أو مجلد Program Files(x86) و معه Program Files إذا وجدت الاثنين اختار 64 بت x64 أما إذا وجدت فقط Program Files إذا اختار 32 بت x86

Continue scrolling to the next part in picture

انزل بالفأرة للجزء التالي المبين بالصورة


Click on the picture to enlarge

اضغط على الصورة للتكبير


Go to your email, look for a message with subject “Hotfix download link you requested”. Open it

إذهب إلى بريدك الاكتبروني .. ابحث عن رسالة بعنوان Hotfix download link you requested افتحها


Scroll down to see something similar to this (not 100% similar, the part to the left of the line only is similar(

انزل بالفأرة حتى تجد جزء يشبه الصورة التالية – لاحظ أن رسالتك سيكون بها بعض الاختلافات البسيطة عن الصورة



Run the file you just downloaded – The file name may be different than the picture

قم بتشغيل الملف الذي قمت بتنزيله – قد سختلف اسمه عن الصورة


Then press “Run”

ثم اضغط كما بالصورة


Then press “Continue”

ثم اضغط كما بالصورة


Enter any folder name you choose even if it doesn’t exits as in picture, I choose “C:Hotfix”

أدخل اسم أي مجلد (فولدر) تختاره حتى لو لم يكن موجود .


÷If the folder doesn’t exist, you get the next dialog, press Yes

إذا كان المجلد (فولدر) غير موجود يظهر الشاشة التالية


Paste the password you copied from the email message in the next dialog

قم بإدخال الكلمات التي نقلتها من الرسالة في الشاشة التالية كما هو مبين – لاحظ الكلام سيظهر على هيئة نجوم و ليس حروف عادية


Press OK

اضغط كما بالصورة



Go to the folder you entered in the previous step, in my case “C:Hotfix”

You’ll find a file similar to next picture, run it

اذهب إلى المجلد (فولدر) الفارغ الذي اخترته في الخطوات السابقة

ستجد ملف مشابه (و ليس مطابق) للصورة – شغله



Wait until you get the following dialog, then click “Yes”

انتظر حتى يظهر لك كما بالصورة ، ثم اضغط Yes


Just wait and don’t press anything

انتظر و لا تضغط أي شيء في الجزء التالي


Press Close. You are done Smile

اضغط كما بالصورة – مبروك، تمت الخطوات Smile



Note ملحوظة

I originally found the link via @Bashmohandes

قمت بإيجاد الرابط عن طريق @Bashmohandes

FW: Safety tips to consider in the current events in Egypt

This is copied from Facebook note for more visibility:

* Originally sent to me by email via someone called Ahmed Said:

Dears  –

We have received these safety tips from another Egyptian Company and we felt they were worth sharing with our employees.

In light of our country’s current safety concerns, we would like to bring to your attention the following tips:

Driving tips

· Avoid driving at night through areas you are unfamiliar with.

· Avoid driving on major roads and highways at night, like Mehwar and Ring Road.

· Avoid taking routes that have little or no traffic. Use busy and crowded ones instead.

· Do not fall for gangs’ traps and refrain from stopping for anyone on the side of the road. Traps involve placing a car seat by the side of the road with a fake baby in it, or throwing eggs on car windshields. In case the latter happens to you, do not operate the wiper or spray water, because eggs mixed with water become milky and block your vision.

· If a driver tailgates your car, flashes high beams at you, or makes angry gestures, do not stop to discuss the matter.

· If, for any reason, you have to stop your car on the side of the road, keep the engine running and make sure that your car central-lock is on. Be alert of surroundings and make sure it’s safe before stepping out of the car.

· Avoid stopping your car in deserted or unfamiliar areas.

· Try to keep a self-defense device hidden somewhere in your car, [e.g. under the driver’s seat for easy access in case of emergency].

· Use your car central-lock at all times and make sure to wear your seatbelt.

· Make sure your car windows are rolled up at all times especially during slow traffic.

· Assign a speed dial, [key shortcut] and have it ready in case of emergency.

· Keep your family informed of your exact location.

· Try to be home before 10 pm, but definitely before the curfew.

General tips

· When answering your door bell at home, look through a peephole and make sure you identify the person on the other side.

· Stay updated on announcements by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.

· Respect announced curfew from 12:00 am to 06:00 am.

· Avoid public gatherings.

· You should carry some form of photographic ID at all times.

Tips for female colleagues

· Avoid driving on the outskirts of the city and on highways by yourself.

· Avoid taking cabs by yourself at night.

· Avoid wearing visible jewelry or items of value, as thieves carry out "snatch and run" crimes on city streets. Beware of pickpockets and bag snatchers, keep your bag closed at all times, on the shoulder or gripped in the hands, and don’t carry anything you can’t bear to lose.

· Some thugs are said to carry dangerous sprays and may pose as beggars; do not roll down your car windows to avoid being attacked inside your car.

· If you must stay in your car waiting for a friend or family member, please lock the car and don’t roll down your windows for any stranger.

Please share these tips with your family and friends.
Stay safe.

Mobinil Paid WiFi for Cafes in Egypt – I want my FREE WiFi back, without bugging

Mobinil, one of the 3 mobile phone networks in Egypt, owned by the same owner of Link dot NET, one of the leading ISPs in Egypt as well have come with a WiFi service for cafes, just like other ISPs provide.

When I’m in a cafe, I just use the Internet connection that the cafe provides via their ISP WiFi, and that’s it. I do NOT have to pay extra money for the Internet service. I do NOT have to register my Email and mobile phone number anywhere. I do NOT have to buy scratchy charge/balance cards like those for mobile phone credit. This is how it has been for years.

Mobinil screwed that all.

To get to the Internet in cafe, you have to do this the first time you connect:

  • Register your Email and mobile phone number
    • Refresh the page (clearly hosted by Link dot NET) if you get this exception
      I’ll not get into the details of how horrible  is getting much detail of an exception. It’s not the first time.
  • Wait for the activation code to come (As SMS to your mobile phone, because you have no email, as you have no Internet yet)
    • MY friend did not get his activation code, in this case you call the customer service land line number to get the code.
  • Activate the service using the code, and then sign in to the service page (although you have just activated your account, they don’t know who you are).
  • Use a promotional free 2-hours card to access the Internet (clearly for only 2 hours).

Every time you want to connect to the Internet from a cafe, you have to:

  • Buy a card similar to the ugly scratchy cards you buy for you mobile phone credit
    • The packages available are:
      • 2 hours for 10 EGP
      • 10 hours for 50 EGP
      • 130 hours for 150 EGP
  • Sign in to the service
  • Enter not only the PIN code hidden under the scratch here part, but also a card serial number that’s even very hard to see.
    • I could not see the serial number for how small it is. My friend read it for me.
    • Here’s how the card looks like. The blue rectangle is the PIN code and the green rectangle is the serial number.
      cardBack - Copy
  • Use the Internet finally with the amount of hours you paid for. In my experience, the speed looked like 256Kb or 384Kb max, but maybe this is different from cafe to another or whatever.

For everybody who reads this, is this normal ? Is it a very popular style in so many countries ? I used to go to a respectable cafe paying certain amount of money for my coffee to get extra customer services. Not only that they get me AC and will not kick me out as soon as I finish the coffee, but also that I can get my FREE Internet.

Clearly Mobinil is able to replace other ISPs for cafe Internet, and has already acquired the big name cafes that I know. This is too bad.


I want my FREE cafe Internet back!! It has been there for years, and there’s no reason I have to let it go now.


Hopefully the other Internet providers will recover this somehow, otherwise, there should be sort of strong petition or stopping going to cafes with this service or such.