#EgyGeeks Podcast 3 – A Little Cloudy

About a week ago, @AmrEldib and @EmadMokhtar recorded the 3rd episode of EgyGeeks podcast. We were not sure whether to make a 2nd part of it, stretch the episode itself, or what. At the end, we just put it online today as to look for more feedback as usual.


It’s a new year, and I wish I had a happier post to write, but the local news about the people dead around the Church in Alex makes that hard. We even discussed whether it’s good to have the episode today, but, we already don’t have specific time between each episode and another, and the episode recording has been waiting around for a while, and didn’t want to just keep waiting.


The Recording:

You can view the official announcement page to listen to the recording, and give feedback. You may leave you comments here as well.



Announcement Page:



Podcast Links

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By the way, we are testing some new changes to the podcast blog like blog theme and so. Will be great to get your feedback about these too!


A Sincere Wish

Wish you all better days to come, without so much bad news, with no horrible ones…

EgyGeeks Podcast 2: Joel’s Test

About EgyGeeks Podcast

If you don’t know what is EgyGeeks Podcast, I highly recommend checking out my first blog post about it.


In brief, EgyGeeks is an usergroup of many developers (mainly Egyptian .NET geeks, but not only) that started with some online gatherings instead of usual offline ones, and now starting to add podcasts to the game (In Arabic)…


Personal Blah Blah Blah Part…

If you remember that I haven’t made it to the first “published” episode (maybe some day we decide to publish the very first secret episode, who knows!), well, I was lucky enough to make it to this one though!


Podcast’s 2nd Episode: Joel’s Test

This time the topic is Joel’s test. If I remember correctly, It was @AmrElDib’s idea. Nice one.

Joel’s test is a set of 12 questions that try to be a general standard scale for software companies, especially to use for those considering offers for different companies and want to evaluate how professional is the work in there. They are advised to ask those question to the companies.


The Discussion

It’s very old test though, ten years or something. We thought we get to introduce the questions and see what interesting conversations might come out of these.

By the end of the episode, we learned a great value that just jumped out when we started discussing what should be applied and what is really applied in different companies, and –what showed up as more importantly– what to do when some are not applied and you believe they really matter.



As you’ll read below. We really don’t know how to manage this yet and learning it just by trial. You’ll hear so many “I think … ”, weird transitions, etc..

We hope you’ll still find the podcast fun, and really really ask you to tell us what bothered you most to focus on improving in the next episodes.


The Podcast

The official announcement and link to the 2nd episode can be found at:


In a new episode of EgyGeeks podcast, we discuss Joel Spolsky’s famous 10-years-old blog post about a 12-questions test for your development environment.
Hosts: Amr Eldib, Mohamed Meligy, and Emad Mokhtar.

You can listen here



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Feedback … Feedback … Feedback …

As you may realize,, we really are not sure how this podcast should go. How the podcast style should be like. What topics may interest you more than others. We need you to tell use!

We realize that this podcast is fun, and we realize that we learn a lot from sharing ideas in any way, but still, only you can tell us how to improve this podcast to suit more people.


Please leave your comments in the announcements post, here, on the Facebook group, mentioning the twitter account, any way you like. We are really waiting for some…

#EgyGeeks Website Now Up – And We Have a Podcast!

The Usual “Skip To Next” Intro…

Hey everybody,

I know I have been quite away from this blog. Keeping the details for other times many already know I was moving from Abu Dhabi to Sydney and joining th great consulting company, Readify.

But this post is not about that, it’s about the work that has been going during the last month (where I was one of the least involved for honesty) to evolve EgyGeeks as we paused the bi-weekly meetings after Ramadan.

The Podcast

We thought we can even reach more of you out there by trying a different model than online sessions and open talks. That is recorded podcasts.

We are trying this for the first time, trying to simulate the normal tech talks I and you always talk about when we meet a friend developer even if meeting in a cafe with no technical topics in mind. Let’s see if it makes any sense…

The first “published” episode, Pilot,  is mainly around the new Windows Phone 7 stuff. Check out the podcast landing page.

Download MP3.
Subscribe to this podcast via RSS (for Zune and other players).
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To be honest, we are not sure where to go with this podcst. We had a trial that went very well during the recording but was a bit hard to get edited in a fashion we can take out. We had a second try that feels going well (unfortunately due to time zone issues I couldn’t make it to this one you are listening to) and we hope it goes well.

So, you can clearly realize we do need your feedback on this. Please make sure to tell us what you think, what sounds well, and what needs to change!

The Website (Weblog)

Along with the podcasts we thought it’s time to get a centralized place for all EgyGeeks content. A one-place-to-go. Of course the twitter account especially as well as the facebook page and user group helped a lot to keep up to date with what is happening now or coming now but we also needed a reference place for all the already-done kind of stuff.

That is the weblog …


Similar to the podcast, this website is created out of the need as described above, so, that’s one more to wonder around with and give your feedback.

We had it running a s a blog as it felt the most suitable format for the site content.

Go ahead and check out our first post.

And BTW, how do you like our new logo? ;)

EgyGeeks Continuous Integration Session Starting In Few Hours

Just a quick update in case you haven’t been following my recent updates (@Meligy) or @EgyGeeks news on twitter…

This week #EgyGeeks will have a very interesting session, about Continuous Integration in .NET. The session will be given by @AmrEldib who is a really brilliant and clever guy from what I see on twitter and some mailing groups.

Also, the open talk will be about BI, mainly in SQL Server.

The gathering is going to start in less than 3 HOURS. 11:59 PM CAIRO TIME (GMT+2) TODAY.

You can join by clicking the link that will pop up on @EgyGeeks (and @Meligy) by the time of gathering.

Waiting for the fun to come…

EgyGeeks 3rd Gathering Survey

image Hello everybody,
Thanks a lot to those who attended the second planned EgyGeeks gathering. The open talk especially was really nice and we enjoyed how interactive it was.

The Survey

Based on your feedback in the open talk part, Ramy collected your suggestions for the next gathering in one list and put this survey:


You can choose one topic from open talk suggestions, or suggest a new one.
You can also choose the level you want the session to be.
You can even choose whether you want the gathering to be a session only, an open talk only, or both.

Call For Speakers

Moreover, if you are interested in delivering a session yourself not just attend one, answer the last question in the survey with your email and session details.
We’re looking for more speakers in the next gatherings…

Go ahead, put your opinions. Help shape the next gathering :)

* P.S.

We’ll also appreciate you sharing the link to get more results.

EgyGeeks Today’s Gathering, Delivering jQuery and ASP.NET. Open Talk About VS2010

Just wanted to give you a quick update on our next gathering today.

We’ll have the meeting in the same time like last week.

Today, Friday, April 16, at 11:59 PM.

The gathering will have the same style as the last one:

– The first 30 minutes will be a session: Jquery for ASP.NET Developers, by me

– The following 30 minutes will be an open talk, mainly around: Visual Studio 2010 Enhancements

So far we agreed to have the gathering the same way like last week (Using WEBEX website).


We’ll send you the URL by the exact time or the gathering, via the newly created EgyGeeks twitter account.


Also, follow this account for all upcoming gatherings’ news and announcements.

On #EgyGeeksOnSkype => #EgyGeeks, and .NET

Name Change: #EgyGeeks

Our first meeting on Friday, or technically the first hours of Saturday (starting 12 AM), we found technical difficulties in establishing the conversation on Skype, with around 25 attendees, and the need to share desktop view with the entire group, for the first part of the gathering (Ayman’s session).

That’s why we decided we may have rushed it by including the word “Skype” in the name. I don’t know why we needed a name and all that anyway, because the idea is simply some friends who have common interests (all do .NET related stuff) that meet together online weekly talking about their common interests.

Methods of Communication

For twitter, since this gathering used another tool “webex” for conferencing, and we haven’t determined yet how we’ll manage the next gathering, we changed the twitter hash tag to just “#EgyGeeks”.

Also, we created a Google group to enable us to email everybody when we settle on how the next gathering will be. The group has the same name”EgyGeeks


We agreed we won’t focus on any other online activity like facebook group etc.. until we settle one or two more gatherings. However, some friends already created a couple of facebook pages for it, which is welcome effort from their side anyway, except that one of the pages is called the “official page” (no official page yet) and the other page has me, Ayman and Ramy admins for it, asking us to focus on that page or this. This reminds me with classic Arab forums efforts. Arab guys, you know what I mean!

imageWhy .NET ? Why .NET Only ?

#EgyGeeks is NOT about specifically .NET!

When we first met, we were all .NET developers. We decided we want to meet talking about our common interests. And asked all friends who have similar interests to join us as well.

But, what are those interests? If you are in .NET world, you care about many things, .NET is only one. you probably also care about SQL Server, Oracle maybe, Agile methodologies, integrating your work with graphic/web designer and also QA/QC/testing/process people. So, those all are candidates for upcoming talks. if you notice, the first session we had was about “SharePoint No Code Solutions”. So, it’s around what typical .NET related people would think is important.

This is not new by the way. this is what dotNETwork offline user group for example is about. It’s just we’re doing it online!

I want You To Talk About “X Y Z”

Now that you know what we are about, you are likely to know whether your topic may interest the most guys or not. You can send a suggestion to the Google Group for specific topic and we’ll have a vote on it.

If you have a totally unrelated topic, you can get friends who care about it and start something. This does not mean we’re selfish or we don’t welcome contributions. But of course talking about Linux or such won’t interest most of the people.

If you want to start that, we’ll help you based on our small experience yet with this group, seriously.

How Can I Choose The Next Topic?

Since the topics belong to the people, this is what happened in first gathering:

  1. We asked everybody who attended to suggest topics
  2. Ayman collected the list of answers
  3. Ayman created the following online poll:

Poll For Next Gathering Topic: Pre-Organized Session And Open Talk Time


You just go check the poll and tell us what topic you want. You can choose from the list or write your own suggestion.

Who is Organizing This?

For now me, Ramy Mahrous, Ayman El Hattab,(sharePoint MVP) and also some small helping network containing Shady Naguib and Yasser Makram (Silverligth MVP). Some of the network were there from the first unplanned gathering also and are very passionate about it like Mohamed Gamal and Doha El Sayed, Emad Mokhtar.

Reminder: EgyGeeksOnSkype Tomorrow At Midnight Cairo Time (GMT+2)


If you read my last blog post you already know what EgyGeeksOnSkype.is.

EgyGeeksOnSkype is an online gathering for a number of Egyptian (and Arab) geeks through a Skype group chat.

The idea only came This Saturday when a small group of geeks got together on Skype group voice chat the night before Easter. We’re decided to make it a weekly habit that we’ll first experience tomorrow and intend to have a similar  chat weekly at the same time:

Friday 11:59 PM

We were not sure whether to have an open talk chat with predefined topic or go for formal events session style, so, we decided to have both…

  • The first 30 minutes are going to a conference style session. This week we’ll have Ayman El Hattab (SharePoint MVP) demoing a No-code SharePoint Solution sample application he developed.
  • The next 30 minutes will be an open talk where everybody is free to share his/her knowledge and thoughts about Microsoft OData. This will be great chance for those who don’t know OData to hear about it, and for those who know it to share ideas.

You probably noticed those notes already in the original post, so, all I wanted here is to remind you with our first meeting schedule:

Tomorrow, Friday, April 9, Starting 11:59 PM
To 1:00 AM Next Day
Cairo Time, GMT+2

We thought it’ll be better to have it late in the weekend so that everybody is at home already not busy with other stuff and have nothing to wake up very early for the morning after.

If you are joining us, you can add my username “Mohamed.Meligy” (or any of the other geeks) to your Skype contacts.

IMPORTANT: You also need to send me a message just before the time of the online gathering to add you to the conversation.


To keep an eye on the gathering before and after it takes place, you can check the hash tag #EgyGeeksOnSkype.

Talk to you tomorrow…

Join the Egyptian Geeks On Skype, Weekly

How It Started

imageIt was a great night for me yesterday. It all started when I woke up at 2 or 3 AM Abu Dhabi time, to find a link to a Tiny Chat conversation including many Egyptian .NET geeks (Tiny chat is a website that uses flash to allow you to have a conversation with any number of people, using text, voice or video). They were trying to plan for an offline gathering today, as easter vacation.

Soon we found the website not suitable for some guys with slower connections. We decided to move on to Skype instead.

We had Ramy Mahrous, Mohamed Gamal, Emad Mokhtar, Ayman Al Hattab, Amr El Dib, and few others on voice, and Nashwa (I don’t recall the full name) and Doha El Sayed on text

It was a great talk and we really enjoyed it.

Scheduling the Gatherings

The atmosphere and how it started reminded me with the weekly conversation Sara Chipps used to have on Tiny Chat with many well known geeks., which involved open talks about various technical topics. Why don’t we get something like that?

Everybody seemed to like the idea of a weekly conversation. Some guys didn’t really like the open talk style instead of a formal session style (fearing time waste on side talks maybe). To try both, we agreed on having half an hour on specific topic (an online session, using Skype  Desktop Sharing feature), and half an hour as open talk on a pre-defined topic.

Next Online Gathering

So, it’s going to be from this wek on. We’ll have our first scheduled conversation this Friday April 9 at 11:59 PM (Cairo Time, GMT+2). Here’s the deal: Ayman will give a demo showing SharePoint No-Code Solutions in the first half hour (He is a SharePoint MVP), then we’ll have an open talk by everybody about ODATA for the next half hour (I quoted this from Sara since her last gathering was mostly about ODATA().

If you want to join us, just add "mohamed.meligy", "rmahrous", "emad.mokhtar.habib", “aymanelhattab” or "gamalilio" on Skype and we’ll add you to the conversation.

We also are using a twitter hash tag “#EgyGeeksOnSkype” to announce all updates related to this gathering and next gatherings later, so, keep an eye on it, and use it to spread the word!

Although the hash tag specifies Egypt, everybody is welcome to join the conversation wherever there are from (The conversation is going to be in Arabic).

See you on Friday :)