Angular 2 Browser Support Announced For IE9, Android 4.1, And iOS 7.1

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While Angular 2 promised a lot of cool things, it also came with a big disappointment for some developers. It was browser support.

Angular’s future centric approach made it target only evergreen browsers on the desktop. That meant that the only Internet Explorer version it was going to support is IE 11, which meant that developers targeting IE 9 or IE 10 are out of luck.

It also raised the question about mobile browsers. The only builtin evergreen browser rendering engine on mobile is Chrome in some Android 4+ devices. The team didn’t originally provide a mobile strategy.

Luckily for all of us, this has just got changed :)

Today Brad Green from the AngularJS team announced the browser versions Angular 2 is going to support, on both desktop and mobile:.

Can you see it? YES, that’s IE 9 in there!

I couldn’t believe it that I went on to confirm from Brad:

The mobile support is also awesome, as you can see, going all the way back to Android 4.1 and iOS 7!

How To Track

As per the exact announcement:

You’ll be able to track Angular 2 support and progress vs current browsers by looking at the status page of the browser testing build, available at:

The results are shown in a little widget image in the Angular 2 repository homepage, as Brad notes. Which is of course

Do not panic if you see some red instead of green in there by the way, as Angular 2 is obviously still work in progress.

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