Here’s what AngularJS Team Recommended Developers Do In AngularU Keynote

From watching the AngularU conference keynote and Q & A session, I noted some of their hints and answers into a list of recommendations

  • Use the latest stable 1.x version of Angular, at the moment 1.4
    No surprise, ha?!

  • Use the latest stable TypeScript.

    • Use the official Angular type definition file when using TypeScript.
    • Note that TypeScript 1.5 beta mainly gives you decorators/annotations, which are only relevant for Angular 2 anyway.
    • Alternatively, at least move to ES6, using Babel or Traceur
      • Both babel and tracer support annotations.
  • SystemJS seems like package manager of attention today, as it allows you to load libraries regardless of where they are packaged
    Obviously they are also checking all popular packaging options.

  • Follow John Papa’s Angular styledguide.
    That was a BIG endorsement IMHO, coming from the official team, even that it was kind-of in passing.

  • Use ui-router until the new Angular router (I think now Component Router) is ready.
    This was a very subtle recommendation, probably just due to the new router not being ready, and lack of other equivalent options.
    At least they said they looked at it for the new router, which wasn’t the case when I checked in March!

Disclaimer: The list is my personal interpretation – You can watch the full video and judge the correctness / accuracy.

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