Where should I host my blog (WordPress or other), if I want my own server / VPS?

A friend of mine asked me the following question yesterday:

Need an advice on what is a good place to host a personal blog probably word press with custom domain.

I was very happy to see the question, but I always wanted to write a small post about my web hosting recomendations, and this is a good opportunity!

Here’s what I said to him:

The VPS Recommendations:

If you are going the VPS route, here are my personal recommendations:

Windows VPS

I always use and recommend:

SoftSys Hosting

This is THE Windows VPS hosting for me. Good performance, several locations (I host in West US as I get visitors from US and Australia), SSD VPS as an option (which I used as soon as it was announced), and great support and price.

Everyone I recommended it to thanked me afterwards.

Linux VPS

I haven’t done much in the Linux space, but these two are the big players used AND trusted by the people I follow and trust.

The both have tools to get you started and create the WordPress setup for you:

Classic VPS hosting, even shared hosting:

Blue Host
Blue Host is considered a budget hosting but some people used it for big stuff successfully.

Cloud Style Hosting, with SSD VPS:

Digital Ocean
The biggest sellers for Digital Ocean are cheap start point, SSD, and ability to resize servers.

Share With Friends:

How did I learn that?

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