A random link list: CSS, Github, Angular.js, Emails, etc.

Here are some links I found useful recently. Link-lists, in 2014, I know..!


CSS Library: Animate.CSS

CSS animations are the way to create animations on the web. I use Angular.JS a lot, and their animations also depend on CSS. CSS animations are arguably not that hard to create yourself, but I have always found thinking about them a bit tough.

Animate.CSS is a nice library of common animations that I can use directly by applying classes. YES!

Article: Get Moving with Angular 1.2 Animation and Animate.css

Compliments the Animate.CSS finding. In fact, this is where I learned about Animate.CSS in the first place. I haven’t touched Angular.JS animations before because I wasn’t that good at making up ideas for animations. Now I have no excuse not to abuse them ;)

C# Library: PreMailer.Net

This is a C# library that moves CSS styles from style tags to style attributes on the elements they target. This is a bad idea for serving web pages, but it is very important for sending HTML emails. Many email clients ignore any style tags and only apply inline styles.

I worked on a project that included sending thousands of emails per day last year. We used Razor for the email templates, and everything worked fine, except in the email template to reset the styles of even a simple p element, we had to inline the styles using a style attribute. I created some Model properties to hold the styles we used in every p, td, etc. and remember to use them in every tag. Now, that’s a pain from the past!


Tools List: Moving From Google Code To Github

Found this by accident on Twitter, a thread on Autofac‘s google group about migrating it from Google Code to Github. The thread mentions several tools I didn’t know exist. Might be helpful for googlers.

C# Library: octokit.net

This is the official C# client for the Github REST API. Pro tip: you can use the REST API directly as I well for simple scenarios (especially read). I have personally used it when I needed to show HTTP calls returning JSON data in some Angular.JS demos.

For long time I had an idea to create something similar to Up For Grabs, which helps developers find open source projects to contribute to (the project maintainers tag the tasks that they think anyone can jump into from outside). My idea was about more integration and (although I got de-motivated when the site came up), but still, I was very happy to see this coming.

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