PowerShell 4 Desired State Configuration Video, Sydney DeopOps UG

This Month, Jason Stangroome ( @jstangroome, one of our Readify PowerShell gurus) had a great talk in Sydney DevOps usergroup,
about a very interesting framework coming in PowerShell 4.0,
which is available in Windows 8.1 RTM (soon or now based on your MSDN subscription).

The feature is “Desired State Configuration”. It’s a great tool for automating machine configuration.
Things like I need to check if a specific Windows feature is available and enable it if not,
or I need to set a specific IIS configuration if it’s not already matching a particular spec.

Desired State Configuration features make this kind of scripts much easier.
You just just describe the configuration you want, and it goes ahead and checks it for you,
and changes it to match if needed.

If you are excited, check out this presentation for the actual goodies:

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