Videos from Sydney JavaScript UG, 19 June 2013

Let me put the interesting stuff first, some good videos from SydJS gathering this month:

Pro-tip: Make sure to switch video quality to 720p for best experience. The video quality button is one of the left buttons next to full-screen button.

The videos

WebGL, the Goo Engine, and your Blackberry

I18n – why, how; and where the name came

JavaScript based ERP

Jerkins CI & JavaScript

The future is a promise


My readers know I have been experimenting with video publishing for a while, focusing on simplicity in getting releases out. I started with a simple introduction to the new Angular.JS library, a simple productivity trick for all users, and then a simple and old cross browser CSS trick. In the 3 videos, you saw me explaining stuff. It’s time for something different.

The idea is to record the usergroup sessions I go to. I started with ALT.NET Sydney last month, organized with speakers to use their own recording, then got a bit unfortunate due to technical issue on the machines used.

This month I didn’t have a connection with the speakers to coordinate the recording, so I just took my phone to Sydney JavaScript usergroup (SydJS), sat in the first row, and started recording a separate video for each session.

Due to the nature of the way I used, and being a first timer, you’ll find some issues with the videos like the scene moving up and down a bit, and zooming-in and out or fading a bit. However, the videos are still an OK resource for anyone who missed the event (or doesn’t live in Sydney at all). So, hopefully you like them, and I get to improve the technique next time.

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