TweetDeck’s "Interactions" Column Is Brilliant

In Twitter’s own website, there’s now a “Connect” tab next to “Home” once you log in. In this tab, you see all the your new followers, others retweeting you, and your twitter mentions.

I’m usually interested in this kind of information, not just mentions but any interest in what I have on my twitter account. I used to setup email notifications for some of them, even though I don’t always read them promptly as it’s common to have a few more followers at the same day some days.


Recently I discovered that TweetDack has this very feature. You can add an “Interactions” column, and it will show all your:

  • Mentions (as expected)
  • New Followers (ungrouped, unlike the twitter website)
  • Retweets
  • Favourites (of your tweets, by others)

This is the normal evolution of the “Replies” / “Mentions” column. I thought that other advanced twitter users would be interested in that sort of thing as well.

By the way, this is tested in TweetDack Chrome application. I have set Chrome to open this app in its own window using its own icon (just right click the app icon in any new tab and you’ll find the option). Since even the desktop version of TweetDack is just a Chrome frame, I didn’t even bother install it. It started horribly after moving to being a web version, but I think it’s really nice now again, almost as good as the old native TweetDack!

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