Creating a simple C# like string.Format() method for JavaScript

Recently I started working on some interesting HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript bits (involving jQuery and jQuery UI). I have worked with all of them before, but not as extensively. Most of my work is some reusable stuff that I can develop generic demos out of (from scratch, unrelated to the custom stuff required here), however, the size of each made me always lazy to take the opportunity to share some nice stuff with you via GuruStop.

I decided to encourage myself to stop laziness by sharing a very small part, then hopefully follow with the real interesting stuff.  Today we look at a simple String.Format() function, similar to the one available in .NET / C#, meaning it uses {0}, {1}, etc… as placeholders.

Look at the code, click the “HTML” tab for the sample HTML used for this one(just a div with an ID), and “Result” for trying it out yourself.  You can also click the “+” button at the right and edit it if you like to!

Note that this one is intended for simple scenarios only. If you need complex / flexible templates, use some templates library like JsRender or knouckOutJS templates.

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If yes, next post will be another simple one, implementing a Ruby-like format method, where you have {namedArgument} instead of just {0}, {1}. After that we’ll start getting more interesting stuff with CSS and maybe HTML 5.

Stay tuned!

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