Some Google Chrome Hidden Gems For Developers, Power Users

Google-Chrome-64While troubleshooting some hosting company #FAIL, I got the “Access Denied” HTTP Throttling page (happens when you keep refreshing a page that returns a server error response)

In the page it tells you how to disable it by going to:

Try:chrome://net-internals/#httpThrottlingChrome Only, Open In NEW TAB


And man, that’s an entire set of handy tools for you….

Check them all yourself

Try:chrome://net-internals/ Chrome Only, Open In NEW TAB


Some 1st impression favourites:

Try:chrome://net-internals/#tests Chrome Only, Open In NEW TAB


Something new I learnt about It from there, "HTTP Strict Transport Security":

Try:chrome://net-internals/#hsts Chrome Only, Open In NEW TAB


Of course I assume most of you would know about the other nice tools for power users in general:

Try:chrome://flags (or ‘about://flags’, same)Chrome Only, Open In NEW TAB


Important Notes

To have the nicest experience with trying new stuff in Chrome, and ensure as much as possible of what’s referenced here actually work (no guarantee), I highly recommend that you use the "Developer Release" of Google Chrome. This is the most updated release (feels like weekly) that you can set as your default browser on Windows.



Also, be warned, if you want to go play with this stuff, especially the browser flags, you could harm your browsing experience or maybe anything worse. Do it on your own responsibility.

Finally, don’t be offended if you knew all of these already, this is just in case! ;)

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