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Hi Mohamed,

You’ll remember a couple of weeks back we hosted the first two What Do You Know nights, one in Melbourne and one in Sydney. On each of these nights there were 10 five minute presentations: all in all 20 local developers and designers taught us what they knew. They were fun nights! The good news is, if you couldn’t be there, we’ve produced "live screencasts" out of each of the presentations – see below for links to all of them.

Win a ticket to Web Directions South 2011

If you’ve got HTML, CSS and JavaScript skillz, you could be on your way to Web Directions South 2011 for free.

BuildMobile are hosting a neat contest – build a button using using HTML, CSS and JavaScript – with the best submission winning a ticket to the conference. Check out the full details here, and start coding now!

McFarlane Prize – 8 days to nominate

Speaking of competitions, don’t forget that the cut off date for submissions for the McFarlane Prize for excellence in Australian web design is next Friday September 23. So if you’ve done some awesome work in the last 12 months and you’d like to see it recognized with this prestigious award, make sure you get your nomination in.

Live screencasts from "What Do You Know"

Optimising HTML Email for Mobile
Ros Hodegkiss snagged first prize in Sydney by telling us why we need to do this, and then showing us how easy it can be.

How to Make Your Life More Awesome With CSS3 Media Queries
We all want our lives to be more awesome, right? Charlie Gleason took first prize in Melbourne by showing us how easy this can be with CSS3 media queries.

Now Try That Blindfolded
Sarah Pulis gave us a 5 minute intro to how WAI-ARIA is making the world a more accessible place for everyone.

Oh Yeah, Bezier
Anson Parker tells us what he has learnt from a lifelong fascination with Bezier curves, *and* what you can do with Canvas.

Designing for Sharing
Martin Tomitsch shows what you can really achieve with personal informatics – who knew that social media could be so much more than obsessively and meaninglessly broadcasting every moment of your life :)

Learn You a Parallax for Great Good
You know that nifty technique where all the elements on the page transition in cool ways as you scroll down – like in that Nike site? Andrew Buntine shows you how it’s done.

Mobile Device API – Now With Added Fun
Hinting at a major theme of Web Directions South this year, Andrew Fisher really shows us how to think beyond browsers running on computers when we think of designing for the web.

Understanding behaviour focussed design
Jodie Moule gave us a great introduction to behaviour focussed design with these few simple rules.

newton.js: box2d + Raphael
Dmitry Baranovskiy, the genius behind Raphael, shows how easy it is to recreate Angry Birds with web technologies. Contains the classic quote "Why is pig still alive?" :)

Daniel Heath shows us how to run a jasmine test suite 14x faster than Firefox

Building Apps with Compass
Ben Schwarz shows us how it’s done.

Beautiful and Accessible Interactives with HTML and CSS3
Max Wheeler and the guys at Icelab are the masters of this – here’s what they do.

Adaptive Page Layouts in Post IE7 Heaven
Sean Curtis dreams of an adaptive future.

Stop helping your users – help yourself
Tatham Oddie has a few simple serverside techniques that will make your life easier as a developer.

Creating a Live infographic
Pete Ottery demos how the WhistleOut site aggregates mobile phone plan data and creates on the fly infographics to help you make a good choice.

How To Make a Map That Doesn’t Suck
Stephen Lead shows us how they built the Atlas of NSW site

All Up In Your Grill With Modernizr
Ryan Seddon takes you through the ins and outs of this awesome library.

Chrome Extensions
William Parry shows us how to bend the web to our will

Tom Museth shows us this simple trick for making dropdown menus more intuitive.

Uber Ninja Coding
Moin Zaman has some awesome secret techniques that will help you to stop wearing out your keyboard, not to mention your fingers.

That’s it for this week, enjoy, stay in touch, and see you round somewhere soon I hope!


Maxine and John

Have fun watching them Smile


* Oh yeah, and follow @webdirections for more stuff like this

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