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DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper Sydney 2011


If you are going to be around Sydney during beginning of July, there is a great technical event going around that will be going on July 2rd and 3rd.


DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper! Sydney is this year being hosted on 2nd & 3rd July. The developer conference, for developers by developers – with three tracks of great content covering a mix of ALM, Web, and general development topics from the best community and industry leaders!

On July 3rd we will offer you the opportunity to compete with others in building a proto-type application Windows Phone 7 Mango or the Kinect for Windows SDK and take out the prizes for the day.


The registration for the 2 days of the event is now open. You can choose to attend only one day if you like.

You can register for DDD Sydney at


Voting For Sessions

If you plan to attend DDD Sydney, you will love to know that you can help determine how awesome the event is going to be by voting for topics you want to attend from the pool of session submissions.

Remember, y the list of sessions available for voting before registering.



My Session Submissions

If you check the session voting page you’ll notice 2 session submissions by me. You van check the sessions and vote for them if they sound interesting enough to you.


Demystifying NuGet (Level: 200)


NuGet is the new standard way to get code libraries. In this session Mohamed goes from basic get-package examples to more to creating packages, local / intranet package stores, resolving version conflicts for packages you want to get or create, using PowerShell, Package Explorer, and NuGet gallery authoring options.


Through the session, Mohamed answers questions like: When to update the same version of the package or add another? How often should your NuGet package be updated and should you use source code trunk? How much documentation, samples, or configuration code should the package have (using config file transformations and code templates)? How to interact with projects (like creating pre/post build steps)? And when to use source code packages instead of packing assemblies? The session involves a discussion about particular popular packages scenarios, like SQLite, and NHibernate.


The Extreme Power of Razor View Engine (Level: 200)


The session starts by comparing Razor to different ASP.NET MVC view engine options like webforms and Spark, and stating which purposes each fits best. After knowing what the options are, Mohamed goes into the specifics of Razor, how to do markup templates in different ways, and, the unique constructs that Razor adds to the mix for mixing inclining text inside Razor code blocks other than simple &’text’ tags.


Mohamed will also discuss different options for packaging Razor code like helpers and functions, the pros and cons of each. Since the power of Razor isn’t just useful for HTML, Mohamed also shows how to use Razor for content types JS files, covering intellisense and routing for them, and the difference between using Razor in ASP.NET MVC and in ASP.NET Web Pages (Web Matrix and Visual Studio ASP.NET Razor projects).


If you like the sessions, you can vote for them on:



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See you there!

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