#EgyGeeks Podcast 3 – A Little Cloudy

About a week ago, @AmrEldib and @EmadMokhtar recorded the 3rd episode of EgyGeeks podcast. We were not sure whether to make a 2nd part of it, stretch the episode itself, or what. At the end, we just put it online today as to look for more feedback as usual.


It’s a new year, and I wish I had a happier post to write, but the local news about the people dead around the Church in Alex makes that hard. We even discussed whether it’s good to have the episode today, but, we already don’t have specific time between each episode and another, and the episode recording has been waiting around for a while, and didn’t want to just keep waiting.


The Recording:

You can view the official announcement page to listen to the recording, and give feedback. You may leave you comments here as well.



Announcement Page:



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By the way, we are testing some new changes to the podcast blog like blog theme and so. Will be great to get your feedback about these too!


A Sincere Wish

Wish you all better days to come, without so much bad news, with no horrible ones…

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