EgyGeeks Podcast 2: Joel’s Test

About EgyGeeks Podcast

If you don’t know what is EgyGeeks Podcast, I highly recommend checking out my first blog post about it.


In brief, EgyGeeks is an usergroup of many developers (mainly Egyptian .NET geeks, but not only) that started with some online gatherings instead of usual offline ones, and now starting to add podcasts to the game (In Arabic)…


Personal Blah Blah Blah Part…

If you remember that I haven’t made it to the first “published” episode (maybe some day we decide to publish the very first secret episode, who knows!), well, I was lucky enough to make it to this one though!


Podcast’s 2nd Episode: Joel’s Test

This time the topic is Joel’s test. If I remember correctly, It was @AmrElDib’s idea. Nice one.

Joel’s test is a set of 12 questions that try to be a general standard scale for software companies, especially to use for those considering offers for different companies and want to evaluate how professional is the work in there. They are advised to ask those question to the companies.


The Discussion

It’s very old test though, ten years or something. We thought we get to introduce the questions and see what interesting conversations might come out of these.

By the end of the episode, we learned a great value that just jumped out when we started discussing what should be applied and what is really applied in different companies, and –what showed up as more importantly– what to do when some are not applied and you believe they really matter.



As you’ll read below. We really don’t know how to manage this yet and learning it just by trial. You’ll hear so many “I think … ”, weird transitions, etc..

We hope you’ll still find the podcast fun, and really really ask you to tell us what bothered you most to focus on improving in the next episodes.


The Podcast

The official announcement and link to the 2nd episode can be found at:

In a new episode of EgyGeeks podcast, we discuss Joel Spolsky’s famous 10-years-old blog post about a 12-questions test for your development environment.
Hosts: Amr Eldib, Mohamed Meligy, and Emad Mokhtar.

You can listen here



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Feedback … Feedback … Feedback …

As you may realize,, we really are not sure how this podcast should go. How the podcast style should be like. What topics may interest you more than others. We need you to tell use!

We realize that this podcast is fun, and we realize that we learn a lot from sharing ideas in any way, but still, only you can tell us how to improve this podcast to suit more people.


Please leave your comments in the announcements post, here, on the Facebook group, mentioning the twitter account, any way you like. We are really waiting for some…

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