#EgyGeeks Website Now Up – And We Have a Podcast!

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Hey everybody,

I know I have been quite away from this blog. Keeping the details for other times many already know I was moving from Abu Dhabi to Sydney and joining th great consulting company, Readify.

But this post is not about that, it’s about the work that has been going during the last month (where I was one of the least involved for honesty) to evolve EgyGeeks as we paused the bi-weekly meetings after Ramadan.

The Podcast

We thought we can even reach more of you out there by trying a different model than online sessions and open talks. That is recorded podcasts.

We are trying this for the first time, trying to simulate the normal tech talks I and you always talk about when we meet a friend developer even if meeting in a cafe with no technical topics in mind. Let’s see if it makes any sense…

The first “published” episode, Pilot,  is mainly around the new Windows Phone 7 stuff. Check out the podcast landing page.

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To be honest, we are not sure where to go with this podcst. We had a trial that went very well during the recording but was a bit hard to get edited in a fashion we can take out. We had a second try that feels going well (unfortunately due to time zone issues I couldn’t make it to this one you are listening to) and we hope it goes well.

So, you can clearly realize we do need your feedback on this. Please make sure to tell us what you think, what sounds well, and what needs to change!

The Website (Weblog)

Along with the podcasts we thought it’s time to get a centralized place for all EgyGeeks content. A one-place-to-go. Of course the twitter account especially as well as the facebook page and user group helped a lot to keep up to date with what is happening now or coming now but we also needed a reference place for all the already-done kind of stuff.

That is the weblog …


Similar to the podcast, this website is created out of the need as described above, so, that’s one more to wonder around with and give your feedback.

We had it running a s a blog as it felt the most suitable format for the site content.

Go ahead and check out our first post.

And BTW, how do you like our new logo? ;)

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