Open Two Exchange Accounts At The Same Time In Outlook 2010 or 2013

I just noticed this now, and it’s really GREAT.

In previous versions of Outlook, you could add multiple Exchange accounts, but it’d create different “Profile” for each of them. When you open Outlook it would force you to choose only one profile to start with., An Outlook Mail Profile could handle any number of email accounts (HTTP, POP3, …) but only one Exchange account.

Now with Outlook 2010, you can add multiple Exchange accounts also and use them at the same time.

Two Things To Note

This works great and it has no special catches at all, except:

If you are upgrading from Outlook 2007 and you have two or more Exchange accounts, Outlook 2010 will NOT merge them together

If you think about it, it sort of makes sense. Each account already sits in its own profile. There is no way that Outlook 2010 will know whether you wanted to separate the two profiles intentionally or not.

You need to add the other exchange accounts from outside outlook

You need to close Outlook and add the other Exchange account from outside it. Otherwise you’ll get this message:


Here’s What You Need:

In Control Panel, you’ll find the “Mail” item added by Outlook:


You click it and get:


You can either click “Email Accounts” to add the other Exchange account to the last profile you have in Outlook, or click “Show Profiles” to choose which profile to add the account to (probably you’ll delete the other profile after that).


Assuming we’ll add the new account to the “Outlook” profile (second in the list, oldest). We may want to select “Always use this profile” now or 1after we finish because all our accounts will be in that profile.

Now select the “Outlook” profile and click “Properties”.


This screen is very similar to the very first one. Click “Email Accounts”.


Click “New”


Choose “Manually configure….” and click “Next” (will be active once you choose Manually).


Choose “Microsoft Exchange or compatible service”, and click “Next”


This is the normal window you know for adding Exchange account. Complete it just as you did in previous Exchange accounts. finish the wizard and close all windows, then start Outlook :)

How it’s like

Of course I was wondering how it may look like to have two Exchange accounts or more in outlook, here are some examples:

Mail Folders:


Address Book




The account names are in gray which is not clear on the light blue background.

New Email


I noted that the signature used for the first account was also when switched to the second account, good.


This is where I knew about this feature:!11F428A40ABF47AC!3669.entry&hl=pl&ie=UTF8&sl=pl&tl=en

Thanks a  lot. This feature came just in time when I needed it. Great!

Update: Another Tip: Open In New Window

If you have many folders under each Exchange account or the two are totally unrelated accounts, you “may” want to have separate views of each. You can right click the root mail folder and choose “Open in New Window” to have two Outlook windows.


In each windows you expand the account you want and collapse the other..

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  • Pat McKenna


    Does this mean that sent emails will go into the Sent folder for the account that you used to send the mail? Unlike when you are in your mail account and you open another account Inbox — if you reply to a mail from the 2nd account, the sent email will be in your 1st mail account…hope this makes sense..?!



    • Mike

      Yes, eaxactly ;) Tested and works very well!

  • Mohamed Meligy

    I haven’t tested the scenario of replying to a message from a different account, but I assume it should redirect to the “Sent Items” folder of the account used to send.
    This is the behavior in all messages I have sent so far.

    • Kip

      It does not work if you have only one exchange server

      • KIP

        1. If you have 3 small businesses with less then 10 people you are not going to pay for multiple exchange servers.
        2. You can create more then one receive connector and more then one send connector to support 2 or 3 Mail Domains that so Exchange can do a half assed job at that part so far.
        3. Now comes Outlook 2010 – you can’t create more then one Exchange account to the SAME EXCHANGE SERVER. Outlook support 3 Exchange accounts providing you have 3 Exchange servers to connect too!!!!!!!
        4. If you follow the steps show above on the ONE EXCHANGE BOX it won’t work – NO ONE mentions that ever!

        • Me

          probably because it isn’t true!

          • pugh

            It is true. Have you tried it?

      • Anonymous

        I haven’t tried it with 2 accounts on the same server, so, I can’t comment on that.
        However, the situation I needed it is to connect to multiple businesses at the same time that I was doing work with both. Each of them had their own Exchange server of course.

  • Ramp

    That is fantastic. No need to use the EXTRAOUTLOOK from HOG.

  • steve

    it doesnt work…..i have tried but it again asks you to take outlook online.

  • Ashuthinks

    hi when i try to add second email account in single profile it is giving me error :

    “this account or directory type already exists and cannot be specified twice”
    please help

  • Ratherbeinmaui

    I am a new Exchange 365 (PC based) user for my personal stuff and have an exchange at work… this, on face value, seems like it might allow me to “merge” the emails, etc. from the accounts… however a couple of questions:

    Will this allow calendar to overlay each other from the two exchange accounts?  It seems like it is set up much like iCloud, in that all info is segregated.

    Will the calendars from both exchange accounts populate my iphone and ipad?

    I  had a tolerable setup, as far as device feeds go, when syncing devices through iTunes, but inbox maintenance was a nightmare… I’ve been trying to find the “perfect world” as far as multi account and multi device visibility and interactivity, but it doesn’t seem to exist.


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  • Krystian Mon Laguatan

    I tried this and worked!
    But after 2 months I noticed that my Lync conversations go to the second exhange account that supposed to be on the first exchange account and even when my default mailbox was the first exchange account. Can someone help me?

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  • umut

    Thank you for this article :)

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  • kibje

    This is very bad advice. Granting additional accounts should be done through Exchange or users can get a variety of issues. Outlook officially does NOT support multiple exchange accounts.

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