[Link List] jQuery, Agile, WCF REST, WF, OpenXML, Live Messenger Anniversary, Wallpapers

Yet another internal .NET Team email in my current company, Injazat Data Systems, that I sent yesterday, and am sharing with you as well.


· Simplify calling ASP.NET AJAX services from jQuery

· Use jQuery and ASP.NET AJAX to build a client side Repeater

· Reordering invoice lines using jqGrid and TableDND extension

· LA.NET jQuery Posts/Articles


· Implementing Scrum


· Web Development With ASP.NET Learning Material (Course – Source: MSDN Ramp up Learning Program)

· ASP.NET Articles on CodeGain (Many Articles)


· Posting Twitter Tweets from ASP.NET using the WCF REST Starter Kit Preview 2


· Migration Guidance for the WF Developer

o Part 1

o Part 2

Office Open XML

· Embedding Any File Type, Like PDF, in an Open XML File


· YoutTube: Windows Live Messenger 10th Anniversary Celebration Video

· 99 Amazing Widescreen Wallpapers To Spice Up Your Desktop

As usual, those and others are all originally shared on my Google Reader Shared Items:



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