Reading Arabic & Unicode Tweets in TweetDeck

The reason I’m writing this is because every other day I see someone twitter statuses like: “TweetDeck does not support Arabic”, “Cannot view Arabic tweets in TweetDeck” or similar notes, so that I can just guide people to this post rather than write the same tweet reply!

TweetDeck supports Arabic and other complex script languages. I guess any Unicode language. It’s just not enabled by default.

A picture is worth 210 words. Here is what you need to enable it:


 Update for the current version of TweetDeck (August 7, 2011):

Yet, one thing I don’t understand is: why it’s not the default in TweetDeck ???



If you wonder why I care so much; this is because I believe TweetDeck is the best twitter client ever.


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  • Thanks Meligy for that tweak.. I used to stop using Tweetdeck coz I thought really that it doesn’t suppport Arabic.
    Anyway.. Thanks mate

  • Why it is not the default in TweetDeck is the font used for it is not smooth & it hard to read then the default one.

    If TweetDeck dumps SWF & moves to HTML based AIR app this issue would be solved rather nicely.

  • http://

    But the letters don’t appear “connected” as they are supposed to be. :(

  • I was one of those who complained from being unable to read Arabic in Tweetdeck. However, a tweeter intimate of mine ( helped me to resolve it in same manner as you desribed above. Allow me to thank him again in this forum.

  • Mohamed Kassem

    Thanks ya meligy

  • THANK YOU! of course, it seems so simple now you explain it… but yeah? why isn’t that the default setting? thanks for helping us n00bs out!

  • Rnabarawi

    thank u, great tip .

  • Yahya

    its working thank you

  • Thank yew, very much.

  • Ahmed

    It doesn’t work under Linux.

    • Anonymous

      In Linux, there are so many things that could be affecting it, based on the distribution and the Adobe Air Linux support and such factors…

  • ahmed eldakhakhny

    really thanks

  • Turki Al Qusaimi

    I have enabled this function. Unfortunately it does not work as Arabic characters appear disconnected. I am using Tweetdeck latest version under OSX Lion. Any ideas?

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately this is only tested on Windows by me. I think Mac users have it working too but not sure. Try to check if other apps (especially Adobe Air apps) are having similar problems (maybe you need to install some OS component or so).
      I’ll try to talk to a friend who owns Mac and get him to check your comment.

      • Anonymous

        I think the problem is “Adobe Air” like “Adobe Flash” doesn’t support Arabic, Last update from Adobe added the support for Arabic in Flash not sure what is the status of Air.

        but for sure Flash had this issue for long time, it only solved couple of months ago, and in Lion, this fix is kind of gone, it is not working anymore again.

        so the clear assumption for me, is Adobe is the one to blame for that.

  • Rahmoon

    thank you :)

  • Abo Abdullah

    Great Thanks

  • Troublesome

    Yessss, this is great. I didn’t think it was supported either, thanks.

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