How to download videos from MSDN Chopsticks webcasts website

I was going to put this on twitter but it’s a bit longer to tweet.

Last week I shared some videos on Google Reader and twitter from Microsoft’s MSDN Chopsticks video website. If you don’t know it, it’s a VERY nice videos website with much content on very interesting topics and very recent products as well as different experience levels of content.

Today, some other friends on twitter noticed the Chopsticks site and were wondering why it doesn’t allow downloading the videos (you can only view them online).

Well, there is a work around to download the videos though:

  1. Go to the video web page (you need to have Silverlight installed, and a .NET passport login, like Hotmail account).
    I’m using a sample here: “Using ASP.NET MVC Model Binder”
  2. [Update: Skip this is step. Go to Step 3>1]
    If you hover on the video player, you find some icons/buttons that were not showing.
    1. Click the 2nd icon/button from the left, which has the tip “EMBDE”.
    2. When you click it, it shows like this:
    3. Extract the URL in the text following “Embed this video”
      In this example the text is:

      <iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="493px" height="385px" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" ></iframe>

      so the URL is:

  3. Go to the URL, when the page displays
    1. [Update: the next steps should work in the video page itself not having to get EMBED URL (skip previous STEP 2).
      If the video URL is not found yet, try STEP 2]

      show the source code of that page.
      In Firefox you do this by right clicking near the end of the page and choose “View Page Source” (if you right click up, it’ll show “Silverlight” instead)
    2. In the source look for a line that starts with:

      <script type=’text/javascript’>Silverlight.InstallAndCreateSilverlight("1.0",document.getElementById("

      In this example the code is: (found near the end of the </form> tag)

      <script type=’text/javascript’>Silverlight.InstallAndCreateSilverlight("1.0",document.getElementById("SilverlightInstallPromptHost"),createPlayerSilverlight("", "", true, true, 1, 538953 ));</script>

      This way you can extract the video URL as the value in between createPlayerSilverlight(" and it’s closing "), you should find (based on this example) the URL:
      This is the video URL. Go put it ion your favorite download manager, and enjoy watching the video anytime.

I hope this is useful for somebody!

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