See you all in dotNETwork May 09 Gathering in Egypt, Lesser known .NET Enterprise Patterns & Practices




There was a sudden last-minutes issue with the transportation / flights configuration that prevented me from making it to Cairo. I’ll be unfortunately missing out this event. M. Smay my friend will be a great backup with all the additional details he has to provide about his session content as well as an open session for the convenience of all of you.

Sorry for missing out. I had to. I’m working with dotNETwork to re-organize my session as part of June 2009 gathering, but this is gonna be another story!


Most of you already know I have moved recently from Cairo to Abu Dhabi. What only a selected set of you are aware of, is that I am still having my heart all set for the developer community in Egypt and still communicating with many of them via Twitter; not only that developers in Abu Dhabi are not into spending time in gatherings or anything than doing work and surviving, but also because I have made the only long lasting and fulfilling friends relationships with the key persons that I see in the different communities, especially my old friends from Microsoft MDC and ArabTeam2000, Demo Day attendees (who still talk to me since 2007), and – of course – dotNETwork, admins, speakers, and participants (who are much more than just attendees).

Fridays City Stars 23rd of May 10:00 AM – 01:00 PM

This Saturday isA I’ll be giving a session that relates to one of my beloved topics in development. Here is the information of the session:

Session Title

Lesser known .NET Enterprise Patterns & Practices

Tag Line

Is your mind ready? Booting up journey in enterprise patterns & practices in .NET

Session Summary

Through an illustration and a thoughtful discussion we are going to see how to go with our applications to the next level, leveraging ease of maintenance, integration points, and scalability out of the box; showing sample enterprise patterns and best practices that are very popular in many development platforms but are rarely used or even known for typical .NET developers

The session will be like April’s session in Fridays City Stars, Nasr City. If you want to know what that is, this is because the Canadian University in Egypt  has stopped all activities in Saturday temporarily for reducing cost; you know, the crisis!


Agenda, date and location

  • Lesser known .NET Enterprise Patterns & Practices
    by Mohamed Meligy – Information Analyst, .NET Technologies – (Injazat Data Systems, Abu Dhabi)

  • A lap around Visual Studio 2010
    by Mohamed Samy – Technical Architect (iSource Egypt)

Fridays City Stars 23rd of May 10:00 AM – 01:00 PM


Have you noticed something? Yes, my closest friend and one of the most lasting / oldest friend in this life, and in the field of course, Mohamed Samy, will be giving a session the same day. HE is such a true guru, and I fear everything ‘m going to say may look very pale compared to what he has to say about VS 2010.


By the way, the attendance will require you to only pay 19 EGP or so– for a sandwich or meal that YOU eat (they have discounts for attendees). This is the host requirement and dotNETwork has NOTHING to do with it. After all, the only available host is now a commercial place. If you can help dotNETwork host the sessions in a completely free place, please contact anyone from dotNETwork and help get that done. PLEASE.

Anyway, I think 20 EGP for something YOU get within the day is not very little but not much also. I saw guys paying the same to the cafe near the University when it was hosted there.


Please be there. I know everybody was too busy to do right publicity of this event, and I myself am writing this very shortly before the event day, but, I’ll not be able to come back to Egypt even every few months, so, this time is very rare for me. Please let me meet the most of you who can make it. This is a personal request, to my true friends. period


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