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So, a very short note on my last news is that now I’m in Abu Dhabi, UAE; for a while not having a laptop, which is why I haven’t blogged since dotNETwork CodeCamp’09.

Then I thought of Micro-blogging. If you know Twitter already you know what I mean, if not, think of something like facebook status; micro space to say something that’s in your mind now. A good way to say something quick and it has been popular for technical guys and even some western public figures for years.

So, basically, you can have people who subscribe to (AKA “follow”) your Twitter updates using Twitter website or just subscribing to your updates RSS feed, can include links or mention other users or reply to their updates. You can “tweet” by going to the website or by sending SMS, or using one of many desktop applications / add-ins that exist for this, and yeah, it has a facebook application that sets your facebook status to your last Twiter update.

I’ve been member of Twitter for long, but I just follow the updates of some other guys and very rarely have my own updates. Now I’m going to send more updates myself!  [If god Will]

My last two updates before writing this post:

  1. It’s a final releases weekend!!! Internet Explorer 8 final is out too, download from http://tinyurl.com/ie-home
  2. ASP.NET MVC v1 is out. Download from http://tinyurl.com/aspmvc1. Also check the ebook http://tinyurl.com/aspmvcebook

But NOTE that I do intend to make my twitter updates a hybrid between technical stuff and personal stuff.

Based on the Twitter client i use and primarily my mood and how much I get busy (and with what) I’ll either be sending an update every few minutes or having no updates for a year or more. We shall see how this may go!


Follow Me On Twitter


BTW, pray for me to get my laptop this Sunday as expected [If God Will]. I like the huge DELL super-flexible wide screen and it’s stretching & rotating holder so much, but I need to blog about those snippets of code I have written in the new project I’m working on now and dump more of my thoughts about validation, LINQ, Domain Driven Design, ASP.NET workarounds and such. I need to finish stuff in the weekend some related to work and some related to family and some related to BLOGGING ;). I need to use OneNote to document my meetings wherever they are set and still have my Wi-Fi Internet. Man, I just cannot work without this portable thing in my hands!



If you are subscribed to my Google Reader Shared Items (where I share everything I read or find interesting on the web and SO MANY FEEDS), you’ll get my Twitter updates as well, as I’m subscribed to my own Twitter feed and share my updates in the same feed.

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