Slides for dotNETwork 9th: Applying DDD on MVC – Part 1: MVC

Thank you all for attending my “Applying Domain Driven Design on MVC” session. It’s interesting how things went that we got a bit deep into the ASP.NET MVC framework and have achieved the geeky talk goal via covering the other aspects of ASP.NET. Even that this took the entire session, it is nice that it could benefit the attendance.

I am not sure whether we can arrange another session for Domain Driven Design fundamentals and combining that in the same project while using the MVC pattern and ASP.NET Framework. If you are interested in a similar session, please contact me via this blog or email.

Session Slides

Here are the slides for this session:

Sample Code

For the HaackOverflow code sample and another great presentation about ASP.NET MVC, check the PDC 2008 session: “ASP.NET MVC: A New Framework for Building Web Applications”.

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  • Hello Meligy,
    Its me Amr from the session :), It was great thank you for sharing the materials.

    One other thing, in the session you mentioned that you had a funny case that when u open a certain page inside the VisualStudio project, the Visual Studio auto crashes and closes immediately, this happened to me too, I am just asking are u installing the VS2008 Power Commands Tools? If so, I just uninstalled and it works right again. If not, Good Luck :D

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