[IronPython] Announcing IronPython 2.0 VS10 CTP

I have found this email sent to the IronPython mailing list yesterday, and thought many of you would love someone to share it :).

Hello IronPython Community,

This is a special release of IronPython designed to work with the Visual Studio 2010 CTP.  This release will let you try out C# 4.0’s new Dynamic feature, which allows you to easily call into dynamic object models such as IronPython modules from your C# code.

To get started using IronPython with C#’s Dynamic feature:

1. Install this .MSI on your Visual Studio 2010 CTP Virtual PC image, either by enabling network access or sharing a host folder in Virtual PC’s settings.

2. In Visual Studio 2010, click the CTP Walkthroughs link on the Start Page and browse to the Visual Studio walkthroughs.  Follow along with the Dynamic Programming in C# walkthrough.

This release is not related to the recently released IronPython 2.0 RC1. In fact, this is based on source code from the beta4 timeframe. Also note that this release will only work with the VS10 CTP and not against any other version of .NET.

You can download the release here:

The IronPython Team

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    Thanks fopr your work.

    I have tried to import System.Collections.Generic in Ironpython from VS2010 and i have an error.
    It’s strange because when I try from the console all is Ok