dotNETwork 7th Gathering: Delivering Design Patterns via C# 3.0

dotNETwork, the most active offline user group in Egypt is having its 7th gathering next Saturday, August 30, which will have two parallel tracks for the first time in the group gathering. BizTalk Introduction, and C# 3.0 Design Patterns, which I will be delivering!

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If I were you to attend the event, it would have been a hard choice too (unless you go simply for BizTalk) ! BizTalk beginner introduction as a topic was not delivered in public sessions before. The only BiTalk sessions I know of were either advanced ones or introducing newer version to those familiar with old version. If you are my friend or you are pretty much into patterns, you may want to give what I have to say a look.

The session parts were primarily intended to be in a couple of dotNETwork gatherings. Now that dotNETwork decided to try out the parallel tracks model having two sessions in the same topic in each track (which is a decision I really like, except that I’d love more distinction between the topics), it was logical to have them in the same gathering / track. I have been thinking whether this should go for the simplest level possible ever, then, decided to stick to the original plan, and even use the long time available for the presentation (1:30h for each part) to go say more about related topics, as I have so much interest in delivering this in certain way for long time now.

About the Session

I’m still messing around with the agenda / exact sequence of the components to be delivered in the session, but I’m going for making an intro to so many topics. The session is meant to target a very wide range of developers. Pretty much anyone who knows a little about C# 2.0+. I’ll start by identifying what a "pattern" means, and then go talking about different object oriented design principles, meaning things like OCP "Open Closed Principle", not "what’s the different between class and interface?" or "what are abstraction, polymorphism ?" stuff) assuming basic knowledge of the latter but still going through it.

I’ll present around 2 examples of each category of the gang of four object oriented design patterns, and probably a couple more from other sources, highlighting few C# 3.0 features using examples from O’reilly "C# 3.0 Design Patterns" book. Building on the object oriented patterns and principles, I’ll go introducing some enterprise patterns (yeah, pretty much Martin Fowler work), and end with a small introduction to "Domain Driven Design", which I plan to deliver in a long session (may another two part one, with dotNETwork or maybe ITWorx CuttingEdge Club or public SilverKey DemoDay – if any) with respect to ASP.NET MVC framework in similar manner to Rob Conrey’s StoreFront series.

This can move the range of fresh and classic developers knowing just the basic language features and getting that to work in small project to see the trends in the software industry world wide, and in the same time provide some exciting topics for the experienced developers willing to know more about the rarely discussed topics in Egypt developers community. Needless to say, the key to the session is audience interactivity. I’m dying for questions and discussions from now already.

Of course this is not going to be fully covering any of the topics. After all, this is still a presentation, not a course!

About the Day

The event will be next Saturday, August 30th at the Canadian International College, in "El-Tagamo3 El-5ames".
There will be buses at Nady El-Sekka (11:00 AM – 11:30 AM)
Remember, this is a FREE event.


12:00 – 13:30

Tec-Talk Wiz BizTalk (Part 1)
Tamer Mohammad Fathy AL-Khouly,
Mohammad Yousri El-Farsi.

Design Patterns via C# 3 (Part 1)
Mohamed Ahmed Meligy.

13:30 – 14:00


14:00 – 15:30

Tec-Talk Wiz BizTalk (Part 2)
Tamer Mohammad Fathy AL-Khouly,
Mohammad Yousri El-Farsi.

Design Patterns via C# 3 (Part 2)
Mohamed Ahmed Meligy.

Sessions will be video recorded. Good that I’m not missing the BizTalk track completely :).

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Please drop me a comment here or email via blog contact page if you intend to come and have certain tip / suggestion for the session.

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