I now wear a ring. It has Mona’s name on it. THIS IS BIG!


In Egyptian Developers Conference (EDC) 2008 this April, my geek network noticed a very nice, cute, and sweet little girl with me that I was very proud to introduce not just as one of the cleverest developers in SilverKey, but also as my life mate, my fiancée. Not sure if any of you noticed that by then, although being engaged, we were not wearing rings, yet!

Well, WE DID FEW HOURS AGO! Yes, I now wear a ring with Mona’s name on it. What a pleasure that is? To understand, you just need to meet her once. I’ll try to give a VERY limited summary of it.

Getting deep into the picture

Mona is a solid geek who just “gets it” when it comes to C# 3.0, jQuery or ASP.NET MVC and all this patterns stuff. That’s easy to guess about my fiancée and is very true about Mona. However, this is a VERY MINOR great thing about her, and didn’t get much of my attention because it is one of near infinity (at least I’m discovering new great thing every other situation/talk). Besides being so smart and having this great look that makes you feel so calm and comfortable when seeing her, she also has a TRUE pure soul that accepts no harm to anybody on earth and perfectly matches her soft but not easily to be broken nature. Somehow, she merges all this with such a cool nature with a great sense of humor, all this with a very admirable respect to herself being a moderate Muslim.

She has an impossible combination of great talents, skills and natures that I only mentioned the very basic ones of. You can add to that impressing wisdom, talk about a hundred type of kindness, or go talk about the sweetness that shows in every movement or word that comes out of her. I’d dedicate a series of blog posts to talk about each of her greatness as I “mentally” measure them vs. tons of other people I met in my life, counting males and females of all ages, starting at age 8 and above (say in cuteness/sweetness, …) going through 20s to 40s (say in beauty and humor, …) to 50s and counting (say in kindness and wisdom, …). This got me to a conclusion that such person is very rare to happen to exist in the entire world not just in my life.

The Big Pre-Event

So, now that such a rare existing person accepted to spend the rest of her life with such a normal guy whose only good thing is being just another geek of thousands around the world and in Egypt, that is something that makes me so proud.

Having the symbol of it in her hand having my name on it is a true charm that will help me wait the months it takes till we are married and living in the same house. Another wonderful thing is that I now “wear her name” in my hand represented by the ring that has just few hours ago got into my right hand and will hopefully soon move to the left one.

Thank you very much, Mona, for showing yourself in my life. Thank you way more for accepting sharing your valuable life with me. This is the favor of my entire lifetime. I know I cannot reward you for it whatever I do, so, all promise is to still try my best.

I love you, my little sweet cute smart girl.

Thanks again.

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  • http://

    are you talking about me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I believe no other person than you would meet this criteria, even partially :).

  • alf mabruuk and i am looking forward to ur mutual posts

  • http://

    Congratulations for both of you, the best geeks I ever know…
    I’m very happy for you, although I knew that throw a blog post…
    Well, I hope you always get the best and get married soon…

  • http://

    Congratulatiooooooooooooon ya welaaad,
    3o2baal el lilaa el kebeeraa we rabinaa yetamimlokooo bekheeer isA we tegibo developer’s so3’ayareen bardoo yeshta3’aloo fi silver key
    rabinaa yekrimkooo isA we yetamimlokoo 3ala kher we yorzo2koo bel zoreyaaa el sal7aaa

  • alf ambrook bash mohandes any way i’am now married :D

  • http://

    Mabrook – rabana yakhaly 7ayatko kolaha sa3ada

    Enta mosh te3rafny shakhsyan laken ana a3rafak men be3eed

    Mahmoud alam

  • http://

    Mabroooooook ya sa7by…. ya 3am dah far7an a7’er 7aga wallahy… rebena yetamem be7’er. mesh t2ol tayeb ya ragel dana bashafak kol youm toool el 2sbo3, alf alf mabrouk ya mohamed, alf mabrouk ya Mona.

  • http://

    Alf Alf mabrouk le Mohammed we Mona we rabena yetamem b7’eer

  • http://

    Alf Mabrook mohamed & Mona rabena yekrmkom isa w yetmmlokm 3ala 7’ir w yes3dko be2zn Allah

  • http://

    da enta tele3t wad 7abbib kebeer ya Mego. yama ta7t el sawahy dawahy

    Alf mabrook we 3o2bal el fara7 ISA

  • It’s not about me.
    Many of who comment here are SilverKey or people who know Mona (thank you all, thank you too, M. Bahaa). All who know her know what I’m talking about is very true :).

  • Mabrouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk ya Meligy Alf Alf Mabroooooooooook I was really happy when I read ur words and I felt the deep truth in them :)

    Baraka Allahu lakuma wa baraka 3alaykoma wa jama3a baynakoma fe 7’ayr

  • WOW!

    for (x=0;x > infinity;x++)
    print “Alf”;
    print “Mabrooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook ya meleeegggyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy”;

    Wallahi fre7telak mooooooooooooooooooooooottttttttttttt bass kan lazim te’oli ablaha sa7?

  • http://

    wallahi ya meligy ana far7anlak kteeer, a7’eeran hatbatal te3akes el banat we tewa2a3hom fe dabadebak. heya dabadebak hatesta7mel barmaga walla mo3akasat walla eeh bas :) yarab keda neshoofak tehtedi keda we teb2a ameeer we tseeeb el nas fe 7alha shwaya heheheeeeeeeee.
    am kidding taban, meligy is a good friend and a good colleague too.
    wish you both a happy life, a bug free apartment, and to have successful builds forever. :)

  • http://

    alf mabroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook ya mligy w mabroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook ya mona. 7’aly balk mn mona ya mligy w aw3a tnsa matgish alfr7 bta3y w lazm tgib mona m3ak 3ashan at3rf 3liha. rbna ytmmlko 3la 7’ir.

  • Congratulations Mohammed , God Bless You My Brother

  • Meligy & Mona

    Meligy and Mona

  • Mashallah, alf alf mabrook meligy. Rabina yetammemlokom 3ala kheir isa.

    I see you’ve found a treasure. It’s impossible to find a geeky girl especially in Egypt!

  • Congratulations Mlegy and Mona,
    hope you all love and happyness.

  • Congratulations Ms
    Wish you together a life full of happiness and success

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