[Off Topic] Displaying Desktop Alerts for Messages Moved from Inbox in Outlook 2007

In my company, we agree on certain subject macros for articles, news and similar non work related messages. Each of us creates his own Outlook 2007 Rules to move those to specialized folders.

The drawback of this is that new messages that get moved to other folders than Inbox do not have the desktop alert:


You do not know whether you got a new message or not.

This might be OK for messages flagged [fun], but as I have been in the company for long, I used to have folders for each of my complete projects messages in case I get a maintenance message or so. The project I work on right now has its own mailing list, so, I move its messages to a dedicated folder. I cannot afford missing instant note of an email in the project I work actively on right now!!

If you face a similar situation, it has an easy fix to get the desktop alerts for all the messages you need it for. Actually it’s no more than creating another Outlook folder :).

Let’s see how easy it can go:

Start by going to Tools-> Rules and Alerts …


Then click “New Rule…”


Make your selection as below and click “Next”


See if you need to apply this to only certain messages, typically just click “Next”

You may get a confirmation message. Just click “Yes”.


The last step is to select “Display Desktop Alert” and click “Finish” and “OK” to next messages.



Hope this helps anybody in similar situation.


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    Thanks you for the tip. I was searching for this fix for a long time and it turned out to be something so obvious. I missed an important mail today and finally decided that I have to find a solution today. Thank you again.

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    That works for the “desktop alert” but since that disappears, it is not as useful as the old systray mail icon. Unfortunately Microsoft appears to have changed that behavior and it only shows up if mail is in the inbox and not changed by a rule (which I too use heavily).

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    Thanks for sharing. I have several rules and subfolder in my outlook and like you I cannot efford missing any important message. Therefore, this funtion was needed very much.


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    It is a really helpful tip for me

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    Works perfectly, thanks!!

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    This is great — but not displaying the envelope icon in the systray is still a bummer. Anyway, thanks for the help with the desktop alert.

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    If you have a second Inbox which isnt your main/default inbox can you make alerts appear for mails receveived into in???

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    Excellent! This works great! Easy to configure, took awhile to find this resolution though.
    Thank you.

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    Your brillant good job figuring this out. Thanks

  • Akshatha Kamath

    Thanks a ton!! It helped a lot :-)

  • Rei Ayanami

    thx !