Egyptian Developers Conference 2008 Videos Available

Emad Lotfy, a software engineer in test and fellow developer in my company, discovered yesterday that the EDC 2008 videos are now available on the EDC 2008 official website.

See the videos NOW.



If I happen to choose only one session of those I attended then it’ll be Andrew Pardoe’s CoreCLR session (part 1 end of this file, and part 2 beginning of this file).

Other than that,, there’s Also Ahmed Bahaa’s VSTS 2008 and beyond session (this file), Ahmed Farrag’s SAAS session (this file).

Those are the best of what sessions I attended though . I’ve gone through the videos quick and clearly the other Silverlight videos are good too.


The videos are released for the 2nd time in developer conferences arranged by Microsoft Egypt. The first time there were problems that made the videos unusable and actually made some of them unavailable at all!

This time, Microsoft Egypt, congratulations. You have done a very good job. My friend could download the complete videos and I can see almost all the videos I was looking for. GREAT!

However, there’re still some issues that I tell here for people to avoid:

  • The video files are not related to specific sessions. They’re just related to conference rooms and then conference days then just numbers. You’ll also find some sessions split into tow videos.  you need to watch for this (I don’t know how – in my case, my friend just downloaded al the videos for us).
  • When you go to a link of a conference room and you want to go to another room, SOMETIMES this will not work. Click the address bar of your browser and press ENTER again to re-navigate to the page (do not try to Refresh (F5)). I think there’s some problem with the conference rooms links being LinkButtons and tryign to AJAify them or.. I don’t know
  • Ahmed Nagy’s Session about VSTO has no links (Should be Khafraa A Room: Day 02: CD 02, because I see myself in beginning of CD 03 asking Ahmed Nagy about his session after it’s complete :D). I would recommend it if it was there. Not sure what other sessions I didn’t notice are not there.
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