dotNETwork 4th Gathering: May 31 – SharePoint & Silverlight

dotNETwork 4th gathering will be Saturday May 31st.


12:00 PM – 01:30 PM SharePoint Development
Marwan will give us an overview about SharePoint development. This session will be first session of a SharePoint sessions series.
Marwan Tarek
MOSS MVP – Team leader
01:30 PM – 02:00 PM Coffee Break
02:00 PM – 03:30 PM Introduction to Silverlight
Hussien will talk about Silverlight. Silverlight™ is the Microsoft® cross-browser, cross-platform, and cross-device plug-in for delivering the next generation of media experiences and rich interactive applications for the Web.
Hussien Zahran
Development Manager
Link Development

The gathering will be in:Canadian International College.
There will be busses available at: Nady El-Sekka (11:00 AM – 11:30 AM)

See the map on the right.


Unfortunately I’ll not be able to attend due to exams. A number of students have the same issue as well. However, it is a dotNETwork habit to have a session every month you know.

The official statement on this is:

“Hi Guys & gals,

We’re really sorry, but we were already
canceled last month’s gathering not to conflict with EDC.. We’d better
keep it regular for the continuity of our userGroup gatherings.. That u
can always get compensated by attending the next months’ gathering..

& be sure we will do our best to compensate u soon isA..

Thanks for your passion about =)” 


However, if you can make it, go attend the gathering. I have heard good stuff about Hussien Zahran if I recall correctly. I have also attended a SharePoint session for Marwan Tarek before and it was a very nice one (I wrote about it in my old blog).

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