See you all tomorrow in EDC 2008

Hey everybody. You sure remember that tomorrow is the first of the two-days Microsoft Egyptian Developer Conference EDC 2008. I’ll be there since the early hour of registration (8:30 or 9:00 AM)  – God Willing.

So, it’ll be great to see all the guys from different gangs around. ArabTeam2000, dotNETwork, DemoDay and so. It’ll be great to see you all coming saying “hi”. I’ll try to hunt as much as possible of you anyway! :D

You too catch me whenever we are in circles discussing any of those long discussions about a company called Microsoft (or something?) and all the talks about the weird .COM .NET tools, and all the other patterns and architecture talks. ;-)

I bet the more of us all in such discussions the more they’ll get exciting


Looking at the speaker list, although depressing to miss some of the interesting names, it’s still interesting to see few new names. We’ll see how those will play well in the context :).At least the ones we already know are going to be there, and this should enhance the talks indeed [I’m also expecting gaining new friends with most of the new names]. :-).


I’ll be there with my beloved fiancee – God Willing. She’s so funny and such a very smart deeply technical guru, so, this will even warm the discussions!

I’ll also be blogging the sessions I attend as usual. Keep an eye on this blog if interested in those posts.

I’ve mentioned the sessions I intend to attend. I hope blogging them will help whoever is going to miss those in favor of other sessions – God Willing.


See you tomorrow in EDC 2008… Counting the hours!

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