Microsoft EDC 2008 Website Up, Agenda Available, And Registration Open

Microsoft EDC 2008 Website is UP. You Can Click Here To Register. EDC will be April 13 and April 14 – In Cairo International Conference Center (Agenda)

But Watch out. The Attendance Fee is 100 EGP. There’re Invitations Available. An Invitation Code is required to register, and you get that by calling the guy mentioned in the right top part of the registration page, and you can call his mobile phone only on Egypt working hours.


I’ve written about Microsoft EDC 2008 (Egypt Developers Conference 2008) before by the time Microsoft Egypt started a facebook group for it.

Now they opened the registration website. The whole website is interesting in a really weird way. The first thing I noticed was that the pictures my friends uploaded in the facebook group (featuring me and them of course) were the whole pictures used in the website homepage :D.

The next thing I noticed was that the conference is set for only TWO DAYS !!! If you read any of my earlier MDC posts or even just my EDC post, you’d have realized that usually the MDC (Middleeast Developers Conference which is the preceder to EDC) used to be a FOUR DAYS event (Day 0 to Day 3, where Day 0 was for most current topics delivered by local speakers and the 3 other days are for pre-release related topics delivered by worldwide speakers).

The next clear thing about the agenda was the topics. The mapping between the tracks and some sessions is not that clear I guess. To me, seeing Expression Blend in the "Web" track didn’t make much sense, and seeing another talk about AJAX (that I know will be delivered by Patrick, who gave many similar sessions in MDC, and even repeated his MDC 2006 session in MDC 2007!!) doesn’t make sense at all.

Knowing who’ll deliver the AJAX session and wondering among the rest sessions, especially the architecture ones, I turned to check who’s going to deliver them and other sessions (For architecture I expected one of the earlier speakers, mainly Rafal or maybe Edgez [See the list below]). Guys, there’s no speaker list yet. This doesn’t sound really good, especially when the guys have very interesting naming for the sessions, like "Programming Silverlight talk/demo: a walkthrough creating a Silverlight application with many features". This is not a worldwide speaker naming I guess!! [See the list below]

By the way, another session is "Cool tools for developers" (in the "Web" track – Will FireBug be included?? :D – I wouldn’t mind talking about IE 8 alternatives though :) )

While many around me suspected that the speaker list would have many …. hmm… let’s say -not the same- speakers and topics, because it comes by the same time of the MVP Summit. and believed that’s why it was only two days event, and why not all the speakers will be worldwide ones, the list I knew NOT ATTENDING from a friend while writing this, including some interesting names (I also heard that the majority of sessions will be Level 200):

Some Recently Excluded Speakers:

  • Tarek Madkour (Lead Program manager C++ compiler team – Redmond
  • Surupa Biswas ( Prgram manager .NET CLR – Redmond
  • Andrew Pardoe ( Researcher in Phoenix team – Redmond
  • Rafal lukawiecki


I have blogged about the list of speakers here.

The Agenda

I’m not sure whether to love it or not like it that much, but, it’s interesting still… (Read it at the official website)


Sessions I plan/intend to attend:

  • Day 1
    • Introduction to Agile Software Development
    • Software + Services
    • Delivering Real-World SOA Solutions
    • Building Closed Loop BPM Solutions using MS BizTalk Server
      • Or [if lost in it :D] come say hi to Patrick in:  AJAX in the Real World
  • Day 2
    • SharePoint Development
      • Or maybe:  What is new in Visual C++ 2008
    • Developing Applications with WCF and XOML Powered WF
      • Somebody tells me what the "Cool Tools for Developers" about :)
    • Office Application Programmabiliy
    • What’s new in SQL Server 2008 Business Intelligence
    • Differences between the Silverlight CoreCLR and the desktop CLR
      • Or maybe: OLAP & DM

Anyway, that’s just me – not my recommendations for you. I have already worked with VS 2008, ASP.NET AJAX, and LINQ since pre-release, I know much about IIS 7, attended many MDC AJAX and SQL performance sessions (actually delivered sessions on ASP.NET AJAX) and on the other hand am so curious about BI stuff and SharePoint with no real involvement in each, and not expected to get involved in C++ or rich UI mobility or Silverlight stuff so soon (while still interested in CLR stuff), so, if you are unlike me, you certainly will want to attend different sessions.

See you in EDC 2008 :)

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