dotNETwork Third Gathering – Thank you for coming – Slides Available

Let me give a very big thank you to all of you who have come to dotNETwork 3rd gathering yesterday. To those who don’t know what I’m talking about, read here :).

I’ve enjoyed with you all Mohamed Hossam‘s great session on Windows Workflow, and enjoyed you, the great attendees during my Scrum session. his came clear in many areas. The fun sole that you all had was great, the input and interactivity from the most was very inspiring, and the way how our talk moved from applying Scrum in the real world environments from the real world perspective to the issues that any developer would suffer from / worry about in his company in  general – the job security talk was fun too, LOL – so, I hope I could share with you some real world experience I had through my friend developer net as well as shared what Scrum is mainly about, and the small enhancements/techniques I have invented and/or learned from colleagues though applying it.

The gathering files have already been uploaded. WF’s session files contain the session slides as well as the files for the session’s main demo. The files for Scrum session include the slides and sample Excel files used for tracking and Burndown chart generation.

You can check the slides shown below:



For download, you can find the sessions’ file as a single ZIP file available dotNETwork official website in the downloads page. (direct download)
The dotNETwork site was updated and didn’t keep old files. Alternative download location – download from HERE.

Again, thank you all for coming :). See you next gathering.

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