dotNETwork 3rd Gathering – I’ll be talking rather than blogging, Bashmohandes too!

n542293349_349500_9935dotNETwork third gathering has been announced. It’s Saturday of the 3rd week of the month as planned since the 2nd gathering.

If you are unfamiliar with dotNETwork as a whole, that’s simply (as I mentioned before here) the first big offline .NET usergroup in Egypt. So far the main activity of the group though is to provide FREE monthly events ton .NET related topics, focusing on the latest topics that matter for the average .NET developers.

Windows WorkFlow Foundation, AKA, Mohammed Hossam (Bahmohandes)’s Session

Mohammed Hossam is known for many deep technical blog posts in his popular blog Bashmohandes. He’s also the founder of the Middleeast Developers Yahoo group (an INETA Community). To me, he’s an old friend from ArabTeam2000 online forum and small offline community. He’s also our lead software engineer here in SilverKey Egypt. During this, he was very essential in preparing our couple of DemoDay public free events and his DemoDay sessions used to get the highest ratings. Now he is moving to Microsoft Canada to work in Windows Live Team)

At least through working in SilverKey, Mohammed was involved in very advanced implementations and customizations of WF that required direct contact with WF guys inside Microsoft since WF was still in BETA, and identifying bugs that remained even to the current release :D.

I don’t know about all the details of the story. I’m not also sure what he has in mind for the session, but honestly you can take my word that this is going to be a very special WF session for you!

Scrum for Developers, AKA, My Session

The 3rd gathering is very special to me as I’ll attend it as a speaker this time not as an attendee. I’ll be talking about Scrum. The information that developers need to know whether they work in an organization that is still evaluating Scrum, or that’s already implementing it on the go. I’ll be focusing on the practical implementations and even customizations of Scrum emphasizing what the developer needs to know rather than waiting to be told by the project manager. Most of my Scrum experience comes from practical implementations of it in SilverKey, so, the achievements, winnings, gotchas and even mistakes of implementing Scrum in different projects in SilverKey are likely to drive my session.

Of course I’ll also go into an introduction to Agile methodologies in general by the opening, as I expect many to not be familiar with Agile concepts in general.

Although I have presented before in public events like SilverKey public DemoDay I and II (which had even more audience than dotNETwork), and private events like SilverKey internal DemoDay and ITWorx internal CuttingEdge club, this event is very special to me because it’s formed by totally independent efforts of a usergroup, which I used to believe we completely miss in Egypt.

I would sure like my very first session in .NETwork to be a more into coding, but hey, I’ll be talking after Bashmohandes anyway :).


How to get there

the event will be in Canadian International college (CIC).

On Saturday, March 22, 2008 : 12:00pm to 4:00pm.

There will be busses in ‘El-Saka El-Haded’ club ("Nady El-Seka") at 11:00 AM.

The agenda is shown in the first picture to the right.

Hope to see you all there. Again, this is a FREE event ;).

More Information

Note: I’m not going to be blogging about the detailed minutes of this gathering as before (1 , 2) of course, as during WF session, I’m likely to be having the last checks on my own presentation, and during my session, I’ll be busy giving the presentation itself, LOL!

Of course the slides and even event videos will be available soon after the day.

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Last Word

As I’m still in the process of making my presentation, it’ll be great to hear from you all what you’d like to hear in a Scrum session. Your input is highly valuable as the most I care about is make this session helping a developer to get to start with Scrum, not just hear a few words about what it is, and forget about it totally afterwards :D.

So please, drop your comments here, or send me email (use the "Contact" page, or reach me via Facebook or private email if you have any) and tell me what you recommend to include, or how you imagine such a Scrum session to look like.

Thank you very much in advance, and hope to see you all very soon.

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