Egyptian Developers Conference (EDC, the MDC Replacement) in Mid April

From MDC to EDC

In 2003, Microsoft Egypt started a public technical event called Middleeast Developers Conference (MDC). MDC was an annual event usually held by the end of January or beginning of February, lasting for 4 full days, day zero with local speakers talking about most recent Microsoft technologies, and day 1 to 3 with international speakers showing the latest previews of pre-release Microsoft technologies and development related products. It was honored by the presence of Bill Gates for the keynote in 2004 and 2005.

For long, it has been the only public event related to Microsoft technologies (besides the product launches of course). The attendees counted in thousands when there was even no active user groups in Egypt or individuals holding their own technical events. Even later with the presence of other one-day events, MDC was still the biggest technical event ever that most Egyptian developers working with .NET technologies wait all the year (even with critic that the last 2 rounds had about turning from pre-release previews to sometimes 1-year old repeated sessions!).

Later, other countries in the Middleeast thought they should make their own version of the ~DC events – GDC (Gulf Developers Conference), and JDC (Jordan Developers Conference). It was a little bit weird in the last round of the conference to have a “Middleeast” conference while it’s not exactly meant to target the entire “Middleeast”, so, by the end of MDC 2007, Microsoft Egypt announced that the next round of their conference will not hold the name “Middleeast” in it, but “Egypt” instead. The conference starting 2008 is renamed to be “Egyptian Developers Conference”, EDC.

The Timing, Registration, etc

As mentioned before, conference is usually held around the beginning of February. This year, mid-February has passed without even announcing the schedule of the event this year or whether it was even totally canceled. The rumors went saying that it’ll be by the time of VS2008/SQL2008/WIN2008 launch events and merged with that (which start in the beginning of March, but until today, I have no idea whether we’ll even have the launch separate event in Egypt or no. Most likely that’s merged!!

Yesterday, Sherif El-Touny from Microsoft Egypt announced that:

The EDC starts April 13 to April 15, 2008
In international City Stars Hotel

If you know the location, you might be guessing that Microsoft is expecting much less attendees this year!, and it’ll more suggest that it’s merged with the launch event!


That was announced on a facebook group Sherif created for following the news of the event, which is kind of him given the confusion caused by passing the usual time of the event without any public statement about its schedule (at that time).

There’s no announced registration website so far. The only public semi-official channel to get the  event news is via the facebook group, which is located at:

Yes, of course I’ll be blogging about any further updates once I get any!

Note on previous MDC sessions

For more information on previous MDC turns, and coverage of some of its sessions, you can refer to my “Local Events” blog posts located in my old blog.


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