Another Fancy Birthday -Or- Thank you again, SilverKey, & Facebook Friends :)

 Today is my 22nd birthday. Since yesterday, I have been feeling like a celebrity :) :). I could no longer count the wall posts about it. All the great people to thank :).

Also, I knew the habit in SilverKey is having a great birthday party for each and every one of us. Today was even more special than my previous one! More than 20 guys and gals around me with very large amount of sweat cakes. We had nice photos (that will take my dear colleagues months to put on facebook of course, LOL). We had really fun. It was the first day for our new colleague, Amr, who seems to be an interesting guy really.

 So, to all the guys in SilverKey (Egypt and Azerbaijan), and all my friends on facebook whether technical guys and ex-work mates, concert/reading friends, or , great performer. I’m not sure what word can be enough to thank you all. Thanks a million, a billion, for giving me that funny celebrity feeling :D


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