GridView DataBinding Events

This is a well commented example for a GridView with implementation of RowDataBound and DataBound events. I also demonstrate in it some of the important properties of GridView, like the slight differences when dealing with Grid Paging, Rows, Cells, and Columns. I prefered to heavily comment the code than to write separate paragraphs describing it as I do believe that the code is what gets the idea in a direct way.

The example is a simple page that uses SqlDataSource to connect to a SQL Server 2005 Express database and show the results on a GridView with paging capability.


Many parts of the code don’t show the best practices for their situation and those are only included for demonstration purpose as they are not the main focus of the example.

Let’s start with the code behind of the page:

As it’s the most important part

Now to the page XHTML source:

Samples of the output of the code:

Hope that you like it.

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    It’t cool, but what if I use database paging and the ObjectDatasource. When I test this situation, the result is that the e.AffectedRows equal -1 in the ObjectDataSource’s OnSelected event handle.
    the Selecting method is List GetMessages(),and the SQL for selecting is:
    SELECT * FROM (SELECT MessageID,[From],Subject,CreatedDate,IsRead,IsReply,ReturnReceipt,FolderID,ROW_NUMBER() OVER ( ORDER BY CreatedDate DESC) AS RowNum FROM Mail_MailMessages WHERE FolderID=@FolderID )Messages
    WHERE Messages.RowNum BETWEEN (@PageIndex*@PageSize+1) AND ((@PageIndex+1)*@PageSize) ORDER BY CreatedDate

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    how would you place two table data in one gridview

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    really its good ………………………………..

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    Hi! It was really awesome as I’m a beginner to .Net but I could easily understand the GridView DataBinding. Thanks once again Mohammed…

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    The article is good.

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    pls write ur code in VB.Net also.So that the readers will have both knowledge as well as persons who dnt any one can get knowledge abt the code which they require.

  • hello.

    thank you for this article.I dont know in vs2008 instead of ItemDataBound Ican use which one of Event??you know in visual studio 2008 we dont have ItemDataBound.

    I ask you Please help me.

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  • Foo

    You forgot to actually include an example of the actual DataBinding event. Article should have been titled what to do after the data is bound.

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  • kettic
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    The C# GridView databinding guide shows databinding to a single level of data or multiple levels of hierarchical data.

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